MSI. League of Legends first big event of 2019 is upon us. This year’s tournament is going to be in Hanoi, Vietnam. All the regions have finished the first half of their respective seasons and MSI is the culmination of all the effort those teams put in the first half of the year. MSI is one of my favorite Esports events of the year. It’s personally cool seeing the best teams in each region fight against each other in one event. We only get to see it twice a year.

Here are the standings after Day 3. We have our first team mathematically into the bracket stage.

Over the course of the next two weeks. We’ll be going day by day giving our predictions and short thoughts over the days matches. Here’s Day 4. 

So far prediction wise, we are 11-1 over the first two days. Not too shabby.


G2 Esportslogo square.png vs Flash Wolves logo.png

I truly don’t know how to feel. G2 loses their first game yesterday to the basically wildcard team PVB, then comes back later in the day and beats SKT. This event doesn’t make any sense. Flash Wolves also had a much better day yesterday as they were able to find their second win. Albeit over a Team Liquid squad that just looks completely lost and in my opinion doesn’t deserve to be in the knockout stage. I’ll take G2 in this one, just seems to be the more consistent team.

My prediction: G2 Esportslogo square.png


Phong VÅ© Buffalologo square.png vs Team Liquidlogo square.png

Team Liquid look defeated. They look like they don’t even want to be in this tournament anymore. Jensen has severely underperformed this tournament and as a past Cloud9 fan. It’s embarrassing. I used to hold Jensen in high regard as one of the best mid laners in the tournament but at this point, he should be on the bench. I’m actually going to take PVB in this game as they got their first win yesterday and have the home crowd behind them.

My prediction: Phong VÅ© Buffalologo square.png


Invictus Gaminglogo square.png vs G2 Esportslogo square.png

Invictus Gaming is the first team in the tournament to clinch the knockout stage with a 6-0 start. I don’t think that’s going to deter them from playing at their highest level. They want to secure the first seed and make a statement at this event. I’d fully expect iG to win this game, they are simply the best team in the tournament as we have said time and time again.

My prediction: Invictus Gaminglogo square.png


Flash Wolves logo.png vs SK Telecom T1logo square.png

SKT look like a team that hasn’t decided whether or not they actually want to make an effort in this tournament. With a win against Team Liquid yesterday and a loss against G2 who earlier in the day lost to PVB. It looks like the Korean squad still haven’t gotten over the shock of the iG loss. I’m expecting SKT to find their footing again and waltz through Flash Wolves getting the Koreans back on track.

My prediction: SK Telecom T1logo square.png


Team Liquidlogo square.png vs Invictus Gaminglogo square.png

There isn’t much to analyze about this one. Rookie is going to absolutely walk through the mid lane and TheShy is going to continue dominating top lane as the Chinese squad iG will roll over Liquid in quick fashion. Team Liquid’s play and drafts haven’t been good enough to warrant any faith in them in this game.

My prediction: Invictus Gaminglogo square.png


Phong VÅ© Buffalologo square.png vs SK Telecom T1logo square.png

PVB fans had their fun, they got a win against G2 yesterday and everybody got to enjoy that. They may even beat Liquid earlier today as I’m predicting. However, the buck stops here. SKT will not lose to this Vietnam squad and will have a 2-0 day firmly putting them in competition for second place against G2 Esports.

My prediction: SK Telecom T1logo square.png


We are more than halfway through this MSI and everything was going as expected in my opinion throughout the first two days. Day 3 happened and everything we grew to expect went out the window with Liquid faltering and PVB grabbing their first win.

Who will join iG in the knockout stage? Hopefully, we’ll find out more after day 4!


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League of Legends 2019 MSI Day 4 Preview
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