League of Legends first big event of 2019 is upon us. This year’s tournament is going to be in Hanoi, Vietnam. All the regions have finished the first half of their respective seasons and MSI is the culmination of all the effort those teams put in the first half of the year. MSI is one of my favorite Esports events of the year. It’s personally cool seeing the best teams in each region fight against each other in one event. We only get to see it twice a year.

Here are the standings after Day 2.

Over the course of the next two weeks. We’ll be going day by day giving our predictions and short thoughts over the days matches. Here’s Day 3. 

So far prediction wise, we are 11-1 over the first two days. Not too shabby.


SK Telecom T1logo square.png vs Team Liquidlogo square.png

Coming off of the fastest defeat in MSI history yesterday at the hands of iG. SKT comes into a “sleeper” match against Team Liquid. Liquid has the talent that they can beat SKT if SKT isn’t playing up to par. SKT can easily find themselves in trouble in this tournament if they fall here to Liquid. While they aren’t threatened to fall out of the bracket stage, they do not want to play iG in the semi-finals. Liquid can take a stranglehold on third place and set themselves up nicely for the semis with a win against SKT.

My prediction: SK Telecom T1logo square.png


Matchup to watch: Doublelift vs Teddy


Invictus Gaminglogo square.png vs Flash Wolves logo.png

Yesterday iG played SKT and defeated them in just sixteen minutes. It seems like it would be impossible to beat that, but here we go. iG will be facing off a terrible Flash Wolves squad. TheShy, in my opinion, is by far the best player in the world at the moment and he’s proving it in this tournament. He makes every play possible. The Flash Wolves don’t have the firepower or skill to stop him.

My prediction: Invictus Gaminglogo square.png

Matchup to watch: Rather vs Rookie



Phong VÅ© Buffalologo square.png vs G2 Esportslogo square.png

Unfortunately for the home town squad, they haven’t been able to muster a win for their fans. This isn’t going to be the game they get it either, they’ll have to wait for their second match against the Flash Wolves in my opinion. PVB simply doesn’t have the talent to go toe to toe with the top teams in the world. G2 has an opportunity to expand their lead on second place and they won’t squander the opportunity to do that.

My prediction: G2 Esportslogo square.png

Matchup to watch: XuHao vs Jankos


Flash Wolves logo.png vs Team Liquidlogo square.png

Both teams will be playing after losses in my opinion and both teams will need to get back on track right away. If the Flash Wolves want any chance of sneaking into the bracket stage they are going to have to start by beating Liquid in this matchup. I personally think Liquid will take the win in this one and basically mathematically eliminate Flash Wolves at that point. It’s pretty clear that this tournament has 4 good teams.

My prediction: Team Liquidlogo square.png

Matchup to watch: Bugi vs Xmithie

SK Telecom T1logo square.png vs G2 Esportslogo square.png

SKT vs G2 in a battle for the third place more than likely. I believe G2 is the better team so far in this tournament and will be able to stave off the Korean attack. SKT I expect to be rattled a bit after their big loss against iG yesterday and G2 has looked to be steady under pressure.

My prediction: G2 Esportslogo square.png

Matchup to watch: Perkz vs Teddy

Phong VÅ© Buffalologo square.png vs Invictus Gaminglogo square.png

The last game of the day and it should be a quick one. PVB won’t be finding their first win in this one. They should be mathematically out by this point so maybe we’ll see some stylish play from them. If they can get iG off guard, maybe anything can happen but I wouldn’t hold my breath. Expect iG to win this one firmly.

My prediction: Invictus Gaminglogo square.png

Matchup to watch: Palette vs Baolan

League of Legends 2019 MSI Day 3 Preview
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