Meet the Team

The games are real are to us. We scream at the television when things are not going right and fist pump and/or high-five each other when things are going right for our team. Put your passion about the teams love into words and join us!

Spencer Love

Spencer Love is a site original and head of content on Win Column Sports. Spencer hosts Over the Top Rope, covering anything and everything in the world of WWE and independent wrestling. He’s also an avid fan of the NHL and a growing baseball fan.

Len Nunes

The man who started Win Column because he needed a place to rant. Most rants are about baseball. I watch enough NBA, WWE, and NHL that an occasional rant will be shared.

 Joshua Berube

Joshua is a site original, and a frequent NBA and MLB contributor

Pedro Dorantes

Pedro is a WWE writer for Win Column Sports who occasionally contributes to our MLB predictions. He enjoys every sport known by man kind, though he may have lost faith in NASCAR. Pedro is an avid soccer fan, and likely the only Tampa Bay Lightning fan based in Mexico.

Hayden Love

Hayden Love is one-half of Over the Top Rope, and Win Column’s resident expert on all things Monday Night RAW. Check out his preview on WWE’s flagship show, Monday Night Hayden, at the onset of every week.

Parker Love

Parker Love is Win Column’s chief NXT correspondent, and can be found every Wednesday with a brand-new preview of everything NXT.

Arik Krause

Arik Krause is Win Column’s NFL and Fantasy Football expert. His content for Win Column consists of the weekly Fantasy Football winners and losers column and sporadic NFL articles throughout the season. Arik is a massive supporter of both the Capitals and Seahawks.

Taylor Brostrom

Taylor is Win Column’s resident writer on the English Premier League and soccer around the world.

Prince Gill

Prince Gill has been an avid wrestling fan since he was 2 years old. Prince explores the world of wrestling by hosting Prince’s Thoughts. He also contributes to a various amount of other wrestling articles. Prince is also a basketball fan and will write up on NBA articles from time to time.

Ben Ferguson

Ben Ferguson is WinColumn’s daily fantasy sports and fantasy hockey guru. The bulk of his content comes throughout the NHL season. As a fan of basically every sport under the sun, Ben covers content outside of what was mentioned before from time to time, which is often presented with a cynical approach.

Dylan Fry

Dylan is one-half of Fry and the Guy on the Win Column Sports Network, and a frequent contributor to WWE and wrestling articles. Dylan is also an avid baseball fan.

Liam Horrobin

Liam is a contributor to both Win Column Sports and Below the Ice, where he comments on nearly every event in the sporting world.

Ian Sheppard

Ian is currently a radio student at NAIT who loves sports but loves to write about them even more. A die-hard Riders, Seahawks, Yankees and Oilers fan, he looks for any opportunity to talk/discuss/rant/write on his teams and sports. When he isn’t writing or watching sports he’s trying to play them, in reality or on PS4. He lists Football and Baseball as his favorite sports.

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