How things can change over the course of two weeks!

I likely would have skipped Survivor Series prior to the WWE’s tour of the U.K. While both male and female rosters for the traditional 5-on-5 elimination matches were promising, a few questionable decisions – cough cough Jason Jordan – had me deflated for the match. Not only that, but Brock Lesnar facing Jinder Mahal in the main event sounded about as appealing as a wet carrot.

However, the wrestling Gods blessed us last week. While we didn’t get the rumoured Paige return, we did receive a few pieces of good news. Firstly, Charlotte Flair knocked off Natalya as women’s champion, and will be facing Alexa Bliss for the first time on the main roster. Triple freakin’ HHH has replaced Jason Jordan on the men’s Survivor Series team, and most importantly, AJ Styles won the WWE championship and will face the Beast Incarnate at Survivor Series.


What a time to be alive.

Cruiserweight Championship Match – Enzo Amore © vs. Kalisto

Spencer – @SpennyLove: It’s truly a case of the lesser of two evils – do we want the Cruiserweight Champion to be a marginal (at best) wrestler, who’s at the very least consistently entertaining? Or, does the belt get handed to a thoroughly average luchador who couldn’t cut a promo if he was handed shears? I miss Neville. Prediction: Enzo Amore


And I certainly wouldn’t miss you, Enzo.

Pedro – @PedroDorantes98WWE will try on last time to make Enzo a legitimate threat – they’ll fail, but Amore will win. Prediction: Enzo Amore

Hayden – @Hlovemillionair: There’s nothing to care about here; it’s only been a month and this rivalry has already run its course. Prediction: Enzo retains after Drew Gulak distraction

Prince – @ThisIsGillie: I will not be watching the pre – show and this match doesn’t excite me at all. Enzo is decent on the mic, Kalisto is decent in the ring, put the two of them together and you get a subpar match. I don’t see Enzo losing as he is the biggest star the cruiserweight division, but give him a feud where the opponent can actually carry him. Prediction: Enzo Amore

Parker – @Parkman15Love: I will not be watching the preshow. Damn I miss you Neville.

Enzo has done a great job on the mic for 205 Live, but this feud has been extremely boring in my opinion. There are other good babyface options for the cruiserweights to face The Certified G that could probably have better matches (Cedric Alexander, Mustafa Ali, Gran Metalik, etc.). Continue to give Enzo time on the mic to get him heat, but give him someone to help carry him to a great match. Prediction: Enzo Amore, and please for the love of God end this feud.

The Bar vs. The Usos

Spencer: This should be a stupendous match. While many have complaints about the state of each tag team division, the match quality has never been higher. The Usos and The Bar are both putting in some of the best work of their career, and all four individuals are solid-to-terrific in-ring performers. I’ve got Raw winning a lot of the other big matches, which leads me to believe that Smackdown will earn the W here. Prediction: The Usos

Pedro: Who really will win? Us! It’s going to be a phenomenal match. I would say Sheamus and Cesaro will win because I don’t really feel the Usos “on and off” title runs are believable. Prediction: The Bar

Hayden: Most people would have preferred the Shield vs. the Usos, but there are far worse options than The Bar (though if the Revival were healthy…). It seems difficult for either of these tag teams to have a bad match, especially heading into Survivor Series. A good blend of styles doesn’t hurt either. Prediction: The Usos

Prince: Not much of a build, but this should be an excellent match. All four men are very good in the ring, and both teams have great chemistry among them. I would give the nod to the Usos here because they have really been on fire lately. Prediction: The Usos

Parker: Wrestling wise, this is probably the #2 match on the card. The Uso’s have been the best heel tag team in WWE with the Revival out of action, having great matches with American Alpha (RIP), Slater/Rhyno, and The New Day. Sheamus and Cesaro are great wrestlers, but I couldn’t give a damn about them. For no reason at all, I’m down since Day One is H. Prediction: The Usos

The Shield vs. The New Day

Spencer: Now, this is more like it! While any wrestling fan would be excited about a Shield reunion, it just didn’t feel right when first booked to occur at WWE TLC last month. However, an (un)fortunate sickness backstage caused GM Kurt Angle to step in for Roman Reigns therefore ruining the reunion. This month is a different story – buoyed by issues stemming from being cost the RAW tag team championships, the Hounds of Justice will reunite to face the longest-reigning tag champions of all time in what’s sure to be an outstanding match. I don’t see a way WWE reunites the most dominant faction they’ve ever created, only to have them lose their first match back. The New Day can afford a loss at this point anyways. Prediction: Shield

Pedro: The Shield wins, because if WWE is planning to turn them heel in the future, they’ve got to look strong. Nothing accomplishes that goal better than beating the New Day. Prediction: Shield

Hayden: Shield, absolutely no question. Prediction: Shield

Prince: Finally the PPV reunion of The Shield is happening! The Shield are on a different level and should pick up the win here. A loss for The New Day won’t be that detrimental as they have grown into a major act simply based on their charisma and comedic chemistry. Prediction: The Shield

Parker: This will be the Shields first Pay Per View match together (unless you count TLC, in which your case, you’re wrong), and they’ll be going up against arguably the top stable post-shield. These 6 men can all go in the ring, which is why this is what I’m picking this to be my match of the night. I can only see Shield losing if a certain lunatic turns on the team, but barring that… Prediction: Sierra Hotel India Echo Lima Delta

The Miz vs. Baron Corbin

Spencer: If it wasn’t for AJ Styles, the Miz would still be earning the heaping amounts of praise he received throughout 2016. If Styles was the MVP of the WWE last year, then the Miz was an admirable second-in-command; while not as strong of a wrestler as the Phenomenal One, he’s earned my vote as best talker in the company and consistently entertains me. Baron Corbin, on the other hand…

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Baron Corbin looks like the kind of guy who would refuse to move for an elderly lady on the LRT. The 2016 winner of Revolver Magazine’s Most Metal Athlete – admittedly pretty cool – is about as entertaining as waiting for an especially slow elevator. The End of Days is an especially devastating finisher; however, I’m hoping Corbin won’t have a chance to use it in this match. Prediction: The Miz

Pedro: The match is going to be great. Miz wins simply because Corbin hasn’t been booked to look that much dominant as a champion. Prediction: The Miz

Hayden: Hoping Miz goes 2/2 at Survivor Series for consecutive Intercontinental Championship defenses, and I’m thinking it’s going to be the case. Prediction: The Miz

Prince: While this match has been given a decent build, I just don’t see this match being good. The Miz is always good against underdog type of characters and Corbin is the complete opposite of that. Corbin should go over here as it won’t really hurt The Miz much in the long run. Prediction: Baron Corbin

Parker: I love The Miz. I don’t mind Baron Corbin either, as he’s improved a ton since his squash match days. I am not excited about this match at all though, as neither one is able to carry a match and both aren’t the most exciting wrestlers. Plus, how weird will it be to see the Miz work face in this match? My heart says Miz, but my mind says… Prediction: Baron Corbin

Alexa Bliss vs. Charlotte Flair

Spencer: While Natalya’s a great wrestler in her own right, I’m a hell of a lot more interested in this match with Charlotte Flair involved. This represents the first time The Goddess and The Queen have battled each other on the main roster, and I’m more excited than I should be. Bliss has been steadily improving in the ring, and continues to be one of the best characters on the show. Charlotte Flair…well, she’s Charlotte Flair. After her surprise title win on Tuesday night, I don’t see any reason they have her lose her first match as champ. Prediction: Charlotte Flair

Pedro: Charlotte wins. You just gave her the title 5 days ago; unless her second last name is Ziggler, momentum will keep going her way. Prediction: Charlotte Flair

Hayden: A recent addition to the card. Would have preferred Natalya but beggars can’t be choosers. I’m hoping for an Alexa victory, but Charlotte will be taking the win. Prediction: Charlotte Flair

Prince: The matchup of the two women’s champions is less interesting. Either of them could win, but considering the momentum she gained on Tuesday, Charlotte should probably get her hand raised. Prediction: Charlotte Flair

Parker: Well I’m certainly a lot more excited now! With Charlotte’s win over Natalya, this becomes a whole lot more interesting. It’ll be an interesting contrast, especially with the much bigger, stronger Charlotte working face. It’s a toss up, but I’m going with Charlotte. Doesn’t make much sense to have the new champ lose her first match, but this is Vince’s playground (yard?), so it wouldn’t shock me. PredictionCharlotte Flair

5-on-5 Men’s Survivor Series Match – Team Raw (Kurt Angle, Braun Strowman, Samoa Joe, Finn Balor, Triple HHH) vs. Team Smackdown (Shane McMahon, Randy Orton, Shinsuke Nakamura, Bobby Roode, John Cena)

Spencer: For roughly .03 seconds, I felt bad for Jason Jordan when he was removed from the men’s Survivor Series team. While easily my least-favourite wrestler on the roster, he’s athletic and has obviously worked hard to get where he is today. It’s disappointing that he’s been stuck with such a god-awful storyline; he was greeted with apathy upon his debut, and it’s only gotten worse since. The cascade of boos he received upon being announced as the fifth member of Team RAW must have led to the awesome decision they made on the go-home edition of the flagship show. Triple HHH himself (!!!!!) will be the fifth member of team red, rounding out an outstanding roster. In addition, I still think that KO and Zayn will cost their team and give RAW the win. Prediction: Team RAW

A truly awesome decision.

Pedro: Smackdown wins. I think Strowman will clash with Triple HHH, costing RAW two stars and eventually the win. Prediction: Team Smackdown

Hayden: RAW has more to lose, so RAW is going to lose. Prediction: Team Smackdown wins for the second consecutive year.

Prince: The men’s elimination match has so many components involved that WWE could very well start planting seeds for storylines to continue until Royal Rumble or even Wrestlemania. This is hard to predict since there are so many angles that can potentially happen, but I see Team Raw ultimately losing. Kurt angle will lose, and setup a return for him as a wrestler instead of a GM. Prediction: Team Smackdown

Parker: Every year I look forward to this match. It’s usually always full of crazy spots, strong ring psychology, and the occasional 10 men fighting each other as the ref waves his arms doing absolutely nothing for about 2 minutes. I’m quite a big fan of the match changes, I guarantee you having Cena and Trips brings a ton of attention to a more casual audience. It creates a lot of intriguing storylines as well, namely around Kurt Angle. Will his son (every part of me hates typing that still) turn heel and set up a match with his father, or will HHH cost his team, and Kurt Angle his job? As well, how will new best friends Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn react to this? Do they cost Smackdown Live?

It’s a toss up, but I feel like any angle involving HHH will be prioritized over Zayn/Owens vs everyone. HHH costs his team, giving the win to Smackdown. Prediction: Smackdown. Nakamura is the sole survivor, because god damn he needs a few signature victories after losing twice to Jinder Mahal

5-on-5 Women’s Survivor Series Match – Team Raw (Alicia Fox, Asuka, Nia Jax, Sasha Banks, ) vs. Team Smackdown (Becky Lynch, Natalya, Naomi, Carmella, Tamina)

Spencer: Since Asuka was announced for the women’s Survivor Series team, I’ve been saying that the best thing they can do is have the Empress of Tomorrow earn all five eliminations for her team. While I doubt that happens, there’s no way they don’t have Asuka play a major part in the match – and for that to happen, team Red needs to win. Prediction: Team Raw, Asuka as the sole survivor

Pedro: Asuka remains undefeated. Prediction: Team Raw

Hayden: The Smackdown Women’s team doesn’t hold a candle (or a lantern) to the RAW Team; this is a one sided affair. Prediction: Team Raw

Prince: The women’s elimination match is significantly less exciting than the men’s. I don’t see Smackdown winning at all because it would require Asuka getting pinned, but I do see someone returning to fill the last spot for the Smackdown team. Asuka should run through the SmackDown women and put everyone on notice. She should get all the eliminations and get put over super strong here. Prediction: Team Raw

Parker: I’m more excited to find out the mystery partner then for the match. Why? Raw has Asuka and Nia. Simple. Really WWE, don’t be stupid and have Asuka lose this early in her main roster run in a multi-woman match, even if it is protected by something like a count out. Build her up by having her get two or three eliminations to help her seem like a big star.

Prediction: Raw wins, Asuka and Nia are left standing

AJ Styles vs. Brock Lesnar

Oh boy.

Spencer: AJ Styles Is, unquestionably, WWE’s MVP since the 2016 Royal Rumble. He’s a two-time WWE champion, a three-time United States champion, and one of the best overall wrestlers in the world. He’s entertaining, passionate, and revered by the WWE Universe. However, Brock Lesnar is a scary dude with a lot of muscles (which we all know Vince McMahon loves), and he happens to be on what WWE bills as the flagship show. As much as I’d love a Styles victory over the Beast Incarnate, sometimes you’ve just got to bet on the smart money. Here’s just to hoping it’s not Brock’s usual Six Minutes of FuryPrediction: Lesnar

Pedro: WWE has to keep Brock looking strong until WrestleMania so he can drop the title to whoever WWE wants (Cough.. Cough.. Roman Reigns) and vanish from wrestling for a little while. Prediction: Brock Lesnar

Hayden: Nowadays, it’s laughable to suggest a Brock Lesnar loss (bar interference or DQ), and that may be the case here. I foresee a strong match interrupted by THE MODERN DAY MAHARAJA. Prediction: Brock Lesnar via DQ

Prince: I’m really hoping this won’t be a 10 min squash match, but that’s probably what we will get. Obviously these two are capable of putting on a MOTY type of match, but given Lesnars recent track record I highly doubt it. There is almost no way Styles wins this match unless it’s a DQ or double count or some other lame finish. I don’t expect Lesnar to have an easy victory though. Prediction: Brock Lesnar

Parker: Brock Lesnar won’t lose a match until Mania, where he drops the championship to a certain Big Dog. I do expect AJ to have a competitive match. I mean, can you name the last bad AJ Styles match? He’ll come up short though as many before him have. Hopefully this is better then Braun-Brock though. AJ and Brock have a physical match that lasts longer than expected, but eventually falls two a second F5.

Prediction: Bork wins, LOL

Bold Prediction of the Night

Spencer: I’m expecting a Hideo Itami debut in the Cruiserweight division. Generally, Survivor Series is a night for big returns, moments, and debuts – this would be one. While the former KENTA hasn’t had the strongest run in NXT due to injury, he’s still a stupendous wrestler and the Cruiserweight division would be lucky to have him.

Pedro: Call me crazy, but I think a full Shield heel turn is coming.

Hayden: KANE returns (again) and lays waste to Braun Strowman (again).

Prince: Jason Jordan turns heel to cost Team RAW

Parker: Nikki Bella returns as the 5th member of the Smackdown women’s team

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