Following my final show on December 1st, I was surprised by the requests and the queries about why I left Monster Pro Wrestling.  Therefore, I thought a blog might be the best way to make my statement.

First of all, I would like to thank Spencer Love of Win Column Sports for providing me with the forum to write this.  I thought about writing this as a Facebook post, but as you will read, this is something that belongs here on

Secondly, I will answer the question as to why I have left in two parts and following with a few announcements to make.  But to make things clear, if you are looking for some scandalous hot takes about my time with the company, click away now.  I truly did enjoy my time in charge of MPW, and I left the position on good terms.  It truly was a dream job for a wrestling nerd like me, and I enjoyed every minute of it.  In addition to this article about my feelings and experiences as Monster Pro Wrestling GM, check out my article coming December 18 on

The first part is probably the simpler explanation.  The General Manager position in wrestling is like a coach in a lot of sports.  Sometimes you need someone who is there to handle personalities, teach and help grow your talent.  While I am great at keeping egos in check (being a former referee helps in that), I do lack in the ability to maximize the training of younger wrestlers.  I have never been a wrestler and never have wanted to be. Therefore, I felt that the person in charge needs to help the younger generation of talent develop in ways I cannot.  I am confident in saying the MPW roster is in good hands with the new proposed regime.

As for the second reason, we need to explore what happened in the week that I feel will change Alberta Wrestling forever – November 24 to December 1, 2018.  Here is a timeline of events:

  • November 24: Two New Champions crowned (Above Average Joes as PWA Tag Team Champions, Jude Dawkins as CWC Champion).  Both shows run to near-capacity to capacity crowds in Edmonton and Red Deer.  In addition, Alberta talents Tyler James and Bobby Sharp win the All-Star Wrestling’s West Coast Classic II Tag Team Tournament in B.C.
  • November 27: Edmonton City Council approves a motion to remove Pro Wrestling from Combat Sports Bylaw
  • December 1: MPW and RCW run concurrently in Edmonton.  A new RCW Women’s Champion is crowned in AngelicaIrishman, Bradley Graham, and Steve Rivers also debut in RCW.

As a result of these events, I feel there is a shake-up in the dynamic of wrestling in Alberta.  For years, there was a certain hierarchy of promotions in Alberta. Now, I feel there is more of a level of balance that hasn’t been seen in over 10 years.  Each current Alberta product provides something different, and something unique for wrestling fans to really sink their teeth into.  If there wasn’t any clear competition for fan’s hard-earned dollars to spend on a specific promotion, there definitely is now.

I created Edmonton SPN (now Backbreaker Media) in 2015 to give more exposure to these independent wrestling promotions.  That being said, I feel that my job behind the camera is now more important than ever.  I have learned that many of you value my opinions and critiques of wrestling in Alberta, something I am truly flattered with.  And now, with the potential of new promotions, along with such a strong independent scene already, I need to focus my efforts on my work here.  Therefore, I can not provide the attention needed to be a proper General Manager of any one promotion.

With that being said, I have some exciting news coming for 2019.  Here’s some for starters:

  • Backbreaker Media and I will no longer be attached to one promotion or one set of promotions. We support all quality wrestling, and we want to promote quality wrestling to all of you.  Consider us the SportsNet of Alberta Wrestling.
  • Backbreaker Media has reached a tentative agreement with Real Canadian Wrestling, with their promotion’s videos being a part of our Video on Demand channel, as well as Powerslam TV. For RCW, this gives them a whole new window of viewers, as Powerslam TV is the largest Video on Demand Service in the world.  For Backbreaker Media, that means as of Jan 2019, our Video on Demand Service will have over 80% of all Alberta Wrestling matches on one channel, which is also great for fans who want a one-stop shop for all their wrestling.  With the possibility of new promotions coming into Edmonton, and Alberta, Backbreaker Media will work to provide the best independent wrestling to its fans, and fans around the world.
  • Backbreaker Media and Win Column Sports have agreed to work together in harmonizing our efforts to promote wrestling throughout Alberta. While it is in the planning stages right now, expect Spencer and Hayden Love to work with our creative staff to provide some of the best coverage of wrestling this province has ever seen, in podcasts, written content, and videos.

2019 is going to be an exciting year in the Alberta Wrestling World.  It will be a make-or-break year for some promotions, and this may be the year that some of the top talents in Alberta get recognized on a Global Scale.  Buckle up folks, it’s going to be one hell of a ride, and I hope that Win Column Sports, Backbreaker Media, and myself, can be your pilots to navigate you on this trip.

Happy Holidays Everyone!!!

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Mike Malowany

Known as "The Ref", Mike has served as an official in various sports over the last 25 years. The last five years he has turned his attention to the wrestling scene, with advertising, podcasts, and video production with Backbreaker Media (fka Edmonton Sports Podcast Network). Mike joins Win Column Sports in producing more video content, as well as provide insight into the many sports we cover.

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