In such a serious matter, it’s important that you find humour where you can. Hopefully, you all appreciate the ingenuity that went into the pun in the title of this article.

Unfortunately, that’s where the laughing stops.

It’s been less than a week since Sheik Akbar Shabaz lost the PWA Championship to Michael Allen Richard Clark; however, following a series of brutal attacks from a helmeted vigilante at both PWA Hysteria on April 20th and it’s preceeding event, PWA18, his pursuit to reclaim his title may have to be put on hold.

Sheik Akbar Shabaz is assaulted by a masked assailant following the main event of PWA18 Target Photography
The Attacks

It was following the highly-acclaimed main event of the 18th-Anniversary show that the masked assailant made his first appearance in the Prairie Wrestling Alliance. With both the Sheik and the PWA Original Marky both exhausted following an intense matchup, the helmeted man ran into the ring with his now-trademark briefcase. A brutal assault ensued, with both Shabaz and Marky rendered useless as their assailant ran off.

While the attack was brutal, the devil’s advocate in me doesn’t think the attack was unwarranted; as the PWA Champion at the time of the first attack, each and every roster member could have had their sights set on Shabaz and the top title in the Prairie Wrestling Alliance. Frankly, as the titleholder at the time of the first attack, it truly could have been anybody attacking the Sheik, and can you blame them? With a title as prestigious as the PWA Championship involved, even the purest of hearts can understand a ruthless attack in pursuit of a title.

However, April 20th’s PWA Hysteria completely changed this fan’s perception of the attacks. In the midst of Shabaz’s championship defence against Michael Allen Richard Clark, the masked attacker made his return. However, rather than attack both of the men in the ring, the attacker set his sights on the Sheik. With the referee at ringside checking on Thaddeus Archer III, the assailant hit Shabaz with yet another DDT directly onto the briefcase prior to escaping the building. A mere three-count later, and Shabaz’s 301-day reign as champion was over.

So, Who?

Given the circumstances of the 2nd attack and M.A.R.C’s subsequent championship victory, it seems as though it’s not the title being targeted, but the Sheik himself. As my fellow Brother of Discussion and I discussed on the latest Over the Top Rope, there’s a myriad of potential assailants who could have a bone to pick with the former PWA Champion. Obviously, M.A.R.C’s teammate in Bodybreak, Bobby Sharp, was a prime suspect following the 18th-Anniversary show. However, Sharp has been adamant on social media that he’s not the masked attacker, with Clark himself astutely pointing out to a fan’s comment on Twitter that Sharp, in fact, was celebrating the championship victory following his win over Shabaz. If not Sharp, who else would have a vested interest in both ensuring Clark’s championship and Shabaz’s demise?

Could it be a former commissioner with something to prove, like Andy Anderson?

Or, perhaps a star like Chris Steele, who’s been conspicuous in his absence since Duke Durrango’s retirement?

What about an up-and-coming roster member looking to make a name for themselves at the champions expense? Could we see someone like El Asesino or Davey O’Doyle reveal themselves as the attacker?

It’s impossible to gauge, and especially this early in the attacker’s tenure. However, if the words of Sheik Shabaz are anything to go by, well, watch out.

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