Everyone is excited for the arrival of the Canadian Elite Basketball League next spring and cannot wait to be caught up on everything surrounding the new league. Until recently, little had been revealed about the CEBL’s operations outside of it’s May 2019 launch date and playing games under FIBA rules. However, on Monday the league took the opportunity to answer fan-submitted questions about the function of the league and gave a brief look behind the curtain of building a league.

Let’s take a look at what was revealed on Monday!

They are not ruling out the idea of holding a player draft

While no official draft has been announced, the CEBL established that confirmed details on a draft will be finalized this coming winter. However, the CEBL will be holding a player showcase on August 26, 2018, closely followed by a player combine. They have also discussed a U-Sports draft for younger players to develop with professional players on a non-paid basis.

The August 26th date is one to circle on your calendars, as it will be basketball fans first glimpse at potential players in the new league.

No Salary Cap

The CEBL says players “will be fairly compensated with their contracts being influenced by any past contracts the player may have fulfilled and any current playing situations they may be in”.

It is an interesting idea that players will be paid based off of past accomplishments and contracts, but I am interested to learn what exactly will go into that and what each team’s perception of how much a player is worth will come down to. As a centrally-owned league, it will be interesting to see how the league balances each team’s budget without a hard salary cap.

Season tickets will be available….and soon!

According to the CEBL, season tickets will go on sale this fall. You will be able to reserve your season tickets within the coming weeks before they go on sale to the public.

This is amazing news to hear! With tickets being reserved through team-based deposit drives, it’s good to know that if you want to assure your seats for the inaugural season of the new league you can do so. With deposits being taken in the next few weeks, this may be the biggest development to come out of the league’s Q&A. Unfortunately, pricing and quantities weren’t specifically mentioned – so stay tuned to the CEBL for more!


There will be a player evaluation held before tipoff in May of 2019. It was just announced that the first CEBL player showcase will be held at Ryerson University’s Mattamy Athletic Centre, formerly known as Maple Leaf Gardens on August 26th .

Between the player evaluation, Canadian Invitational and the idea of a draft being discussed I am very excited and optimistic to see the amount of work and dedication that looks to be being spent on acquiring as much talent both locally and abroad to the new league.

International Players Welcome!

With inclusivity being a key goal of the CEBL, international players are welcome to the league, however there will be a limited number of spots for each team available to international players.

The league mentioned the implementation of some sort of import/non-import rule much the CFL has had for years. It would be difficult to do something like that with only five players on the court as opposed to 12 on the field in the CFL so limiting it to just a roster cap would make much more sense. It will be interesting to see if there will be a requirement on the number of starter’s with national/international status.


The CEBL has said they are working towards figuring out some sort of broadcast strategy. Whether that means broadcast on television or simply just streaming the games online has yet to be announced. While nothing has been confirmed, there’s a huge void on television for Canadian basketball content, especially in the Western provinces. While streaming may initially be the route the league takes, I personally would love to be able to watch my team on TV, either from the comfort of my own couch or out on the town.

That’s all the information that was given in the CEBL’s Instagram Q&A and I hope it gives a little more insight into the exciting new league coming to Canada soon. It will be even more exciting to learn more about the teams acquiring talent and how you can enjoy your city’s team play.

The only thing now is to wait, and hope May comes soon!

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