Episode 3 of Time Out! is now available!

Today, your hosts Maverick and Novak wind back the clock and review the November 24, 1997 edition of RAW is WAR!

In this week’s episode:

  • The official re-debut of Double J, Jeff Jarrett… Or is it?
  • A couple of Outlaws become the NEW “WWF Tag Team Champions of the World!”
  • “Sarge-missioner” Slaughter goes bananas!
  • Has Goldust finally found his reason to “be free?”
  • BRET HART RETURNS!… In a much shorter fashion…
  • And finally, Shawn Michaels makes a very surprising offer to someone unexpected!

Time Out! is proudly brought to you by Beercade YEG.

(Review begins at 13:32)

Time Out! Episode 3 | RAW is WAR (November 24, 1997)

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Time Out! Episode 3 | RAW is WAR (November 24, 1997)

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