EDMONTON, AB: Another piece has fallen into place at the Top Talent Wrestling Academy.

Earlier today, the academy announced that The Omen Gabriel Lestat would join the school as their physical trainer.

Lestat, a 15-year veteran of the wrestling scene, has turned heads worldwide with his innovative offence and intensity inside the squared circle. The Omen has become one of the province’s most popular wrestlers in his time in the ring, earning praise throughout the many promotions he’s worked for across Canada and wrestling major names including Jeff Cobb and Scott Steiner. Over the past few years, Lestat has branched out, wrestling for the likes of his home promotion of the PWA as well as RCW and Canadian Wrestling’s Elite.

Recently, Lestat journeyed to Mexico on the invitation of wrestling legend Konnan for an extended stint training south of the border. While there, the Omen worked with the likes of Aero Boy and Paranoiko while learning the art of Lucha Libre.

The Top Talent Wrestling Academy is expected to launch on April 1st.

Stay tuned to the WCSN for more from the Top Talent Wrestling Academy.

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