Smackdown Live returns this week in Omaha, Nebraska, and with the Devil’s Favourite Demon in tow as Team Hell No is set to open the show.

A Quick Recap:

  • The Bludgeon Brothers join The Miz on MizTV, which is promptly interrupted by Daniel Bryan.
  • Rusev def. Xavier Woods.
  • Jeff Hardy vs Eric Young ends in a DQ after the Usos interrupt the match.
  • Jeff Hardy and The Usos def. SAnitY.
  • Becky Lynch def. Sonya Deville
  • James Ellsworth called out Asuka, and a match was made for this week’s Smackdown
  • Daniel Bryan def. Harper by DQ after Rowan attacked mid-match. Kane made his return and reunited Team Hell No(!!!!!!)

One Big Thought:

There have been a ton of rumours out there about the status of Daniel Bryan. Since being cleared to return to the ring on March 20th, fans have wondered why Bryan hasn’t been thrust immediately into the main event scene of WWE, and many are concerned that this is a sign that the leader of the YES! Movement will be departing the promotion once his contract expires. There’s also rumblings that WWE is looking to book dream matches and feuds for Bryan prior to his imminent departure, which may explain the awesome conclusion of last week’s Smackdown.

Admittedly, I can’t say I’m a fan of the 2018 edition of Kane. I felt as though he had no place being in a championship match in January at the Royal Rumble, and even now I hate the fact that Kane has returned to save Bryan from a beating, despite chokeslamming him when the two last met.

However, all of these issues are put aside for the sheer fact that yes, wrestling fans – Team Hell No is back. Sometimes, you just have to say screw the booking and enjoy it.

State of the Belts:

AJ Styles will battle Rusev at Extreme Rules, and while I’m sure everyone knows that, it’s a sentence that I’m so very excited to get to type. However, despite my anxiousness for the match, we’re still two weeks and a couple episodes away from their match. Tonight, Styles will take on Aiden English, the co-founder of Rusev Day. Expect a win from Styles – and potentially more tension between the Bulgarian Brute and English.

Jeff Hardy is hosting an Independence Day open challenge for the United States Championship. I’m not even going to get into the logistical issues I have with the fact that Independence Day is tomorrow, nor the fact I’m upset at the lack of a Canada Day open challenge of any sort yesterday.

Team Hell No is back together after Kane‘s aforementioned return. The Big Red Machine is likely nearing the end of his WWE career, and regardless of whether they win or lose at Extreme Rules is less important than the fact it’s cool as shit to see these two together again. It’ll also give the Bludgeon Brothers some instantly credible opponents after running through the entire Smackdown tag team division.

Carmella takes on Asuka in two weeks, and though the Empress of Tomorrow will be in action tonight, there’s nothing advertised for ‘Mella. Who cares, though – she’s money.

Three Things to Watch For:

  • As previously mentioned, Asuka will be in action tonight. Her opponent? None other than James Ellsworth. This should simply be fun, and serve as a warning to Carmella for Extreme Rules
  • Andrade “Cien” Almas has been terrific in his limited time on television. However, the issue lies in the last part of that sentence – “limited time on television”. He’s had a singles match against a total of one (1) WWE main roster superstar. The guy has the potential to be the next great Latin superstar in WWE, but not if this is how he’ll be utilized.
  • Becky Lynch takes on Peyton Royce in singles action. I love you, Becky, but my heart will always be with the P.W.A alumni. Go Royce!

That’s our show! You watching? Follow along with me on twitter @WCSportsCA or on my account @SpennyLove_WCS!

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