The first game of Week 2 that I can watch is the first game of the San Diego Seals franchise. Prior to the game my wife taught me that the HDMI cord we had could take the picture from my laptop and put it on the television. If you did not know that, you are welcome. If you did know that, you are more tech savvy than me. Unfortunately it took until the Seals first franchise goal for us to get it to work properly. It was a sign of how the evening was going to go.

NLL legend and current Seal Dangerous Dan Dawson passes to the wrong team. Josh Sullivan uses his amazing speed to turn it into a breakaway and as it often does in lacrosse, it turned into a goal. Remember new fans to the game, a breakaway in hockey the goalie always knows the puck starts from ice level. In lacrosse the shooter can shoot the ball out of his stick anywhere from his knees to over his head to behind his back.

The first two goals against Dillon Ward he would like back. He wasn’t set for the Seals franchise first goal and the second goal just went through him. With 15 seconds to go in the opening quarter, two Mammoth players collide trying to avoid an over and back which enables a clear cut Seals breakaway. Ward with the big save to keep the game tied.

Another unique aspect of lacrosse is if the net is knocked off its position and it doesn’t affect the play, the play just continues. Early in the 2nd quarter a partial breakaway by Garrett McIntosh (he shot wide) ended with the net getting pushed back but since the ball was laying harmlessly in the corner with the Seals fallen back to defence there was no need to blow the whistle. All the rules of the NLL game are geared to keeping the flow going.

Jeremy Noble’s teddy bear goal stopped the flow momentarily but kudos to the Mammoth for doing their version of a Teddy Bear toss for charity. All professional teams should use their platform to give back to the community.

Ward goes for the interception at the side of his net. We see this all the time in football when the defensive back jumps the route, misses and watches the receiver score a touchdown. Ward ended up watching the 3-3 goal. Turner Evans scores the Seals first tic-tac-toe goal. Moments later the Seals made it 5-3. The Mammoth have been flat-footed since the teddy bear toss.

B/R Live issues began to creep in. It is the first year under the new streaming service. As a Canadian customer my first week of action was delayed two days due to technical issues.

4 seconds into the inaugural Seals powerplay they score to make it 6-4. Preseason predictions of this Seals team not finishing last seem pretty secure.

Brodie Merrill, the late man on a 3-on-2 in transition, scores a beauty and it 8-4 Seals. The Pepsi Center, one of the loudest arenas in the league, is silent.

Ward with the long bomb pass to reigning NLL transition player of year Joey Cupido for the pretty assist. Still find that to be one of the most exciting plays in lacrosse. 8-5 at the half.

B/R Live issues cost me the first two minutes of the 3rd quarter. Seals score twice to make it 10-5. If you say you saw this coming you are blatantly lying. A blown wheel by a Mammoth forward trying to stop the ball from going over centre leads to another clear cut breakaway for the Seals. Ward is 2-for-2 in the breakaway saves department.

The 10-9 goal was beautiful. Tic-tac-toe with the shooter diving across the flow of the Seals goalie. Taylor Stuart gets deftly sidestepped by Evans and the Seals go up 11-9. If you haven’t figured it out yet lacrosse is a game of runs. No not the poops, one team scoring a bunch of goals in a row.

The Mammoth playing “peanut butter jelly time” while the Seals were on the powerplay is one of many reasons I love the fact this league plays music nonstop during the game.

The Tor Reinholdt goal that put Ward on the bench is a TSN goal of the season nominee. Reinholdt goes in 1-on-3 and is impeded by all three defenders but scores anyway. 13-9 with the Seals taking back their run.

Struggling terribly with the B/R Live feed the game score now reads 16-11 for the Seals. This is when I finally gave up on watching the game.

Let’s remember folks, the Vancouver Warriors upset the Calgary Roughnecks in Week One and everyone over reacted. It is just one game for the Seals, they will not go undefeated. It is just one game for the Mammoth, they are still a lock to make playoffs.

National Lacrosse League Fan View: San Diego 17 Colorado 12
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