At the Royal Rumble this past January we saw the first appearance of Ronda Rousey as a WWE Superstar. As a matter of fact, it was her first – and so far, only – WWE appearance since her debut at WrestleMania 31 at Levi’s Stadium. The former UFC champ seems to be heading for a longer run on the WWE this time. Alongside the surprise element from closing out the Royal Rumble, it has also put WWE in a somewhat tricky situation.

Using The Shovel

Rousey stood in front of both WWE women’s champions. Could she become a challenger for any of those titles? Regardless of which title she could compete for, a decision like that will have a big impact. She would take the spot of an actual pro wrestler just to do a part time job. Furthermore, this could potentially kill Asuka’s insane push. Not to mention, it will anger many fans around the globe. However, WWE ain’t stupid, they know they can not make such a foolish booking mistake. Therefore, we are left with a more sensible option for her role at WrestleMania…

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Teaming Up

According to reports, WWE is planning to team up Rousey with The Rock to face none others than Stephanie McMahon and Tripe H. While this sounds like a better role for her, rather than stealing someone else’s spot, that doesn’t mean this will have no repercussions:

A) Disappointing The Fans

Some fans’ only interest on WWE’s current product is The Grandest Stage of Them All. Given the massive buzz that has surrounded Rousey’s arrival to the company, they will expect her to win. They will expect her to win a championship, not a mere tag team match.


B) You Can’t “Un-See” What Has Been Seen

We all saw it. Rousey walk down the ramp and pointed with his finger at the big WrestleMania sign for so long it became uncomfortable to watch. If WWE doesn’t book “Rowdy” Rousey in a championship match, then what was she doing in the ring with Asuka and Charlotte? Maybe the guest commentator role with Stephanie McMahon would have worked better.

It’s Odd… But It Will Work

Ronda Rousey is not a pro wrestler, true. While she might not be the next Trish Stratus, she is a colossal marketing tool for World Wrestling Entertainment. Having her on their side will sell plenty of WWE Network subscriptions just because of WrestleMania. Furthermore, ‘Mania will give Rousey a level of exposure she has not had ever since her last fight inside a UFC octagon.
Ronda Rousey & WWE: An Odd Couple
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