Saturday night saw Real Canadian Wrestling return to Edmonton’s St. John’s Cultural Centre for RCW Summer Breakout, the promotion’s final show in the capital region of the spring. Following the events of the previous night’s show in Calgary, there were a number of questions to be answered.

How would the tag team division respond to Dirty Inc’s championship win the previous night?

Could a number of returning stars keep up with the current Real Canadian Wrestling roster?

Would our overwhelming thirst for a Glove on a Pole match be quenched?

Thankfully, all of those questions were answered on Saturday night, but new ones arose after another excellent show from Real Canadian Wrestling.

Prior to the night’s action, RCW Commissioner the Irishman gave an impassioned tribute to long-time Edmonton wrestling fan Dale Middleton, with a moment of silence and ten-bell salute following.

Nite vs. Son of Irish
Son of Irish takes to the skies during his match against Nite on June 8 | June 08, 2019 Mike Malowany

Saturday’s opening match saw the returning Nite taking on Son of Irish. With the returning star lambasting his opponent in a match-opening promo, the bad blood between the two was evident. Nite routinely toyed with his younger opponent in the early goings of the match, often utilizing his size to his advantage. However, it was Son of Irish who attempted the first pinfall, shrewdly reversing a suplex attempt into a roll-up.

From the moment of that first attempt, It appeared that Nite had been rattled. While Nite’s considerably larger frame and veteran savvy served him well on Saturday night, Son of Irish was able to get a considerable amount of offence in on his larger foe. With the momentum shifting in his opponent’s favour, Nite attempted to wear down Son of Irish, but the tides were turned firmly in S.o.I’s favour. A beautiful tope con hilo from Irish allowed him to score his second pinfall attempt; however, yet again his opponent was able to kick out.

Unfortunately, it was at this point that Nite used some chicanery to his advantage. Faking an injury, Nite was able to briefly distract both referee Charles Spencer and Son of Irish himself. As both Irish and the referee checked on Nite, he was able to utilize the distraction to hit his opponent with a low blow. With Son of Irish rattled, he unleashed a flurry of offence. However, while a boot to the face from Son of Irish slowed his opponents’ momentum, Nite was able to utilize his canniness to keep his opponent at bay.

A number of times Irish attempted to go high-risk, but whether it be simply stumbling into the ropes hitting a massive dropkick that forced his opponent outside the squared circle, Nite always had an answer for the high-flyer.

It was following the dropkick that Nite was able to regain the advantage for the first time since the opening bell. As Irish attempted to re-enter the ring, a big boot from Nite not only kept him out of the squared circle but restart the 10-count. While Son of Irish was able to re-enter the second time, it only allowed Nite to begin to impose his will on his smaller opponent. Brief flurries of offence from Son of Irish were interrupted by Nate’s ruthless strikes. The momentum was only undone by a set of dual lariats that left both opponents laying for a five-count.

From that point on, Son of Irish completely took over.

Shortly after both men recovered, Son of Irish was able to score yet another two-count off of a massive brainbuster. Unphased by the lack of finish, Son of Irish headed to the top rope yet again but unfortunately as had happened time and time before, Nite was able to interrupt his opponents progress. Placing Son of Irish in the tree of woe, Nite took to the top rope for the first time of his own and nailed a massive coast-to-coast on his opponent. However, the resulting pinfall was broken due to a well-timed foot on the ropes from Son of Irish.

While the manoeuvre was devastating, it only served to spark Son of Irish to victory. As Nite attempted to go high-risk for a second time, he met only the knees of his opponent and immediately began to recoil in pain. While Nite attempted to recover, Son of Irish was able to hit a massive enziguri that left his opponent laying.

Yet again, Irish ascended the top rope and this time, there was no mistake. Hitting a picture-perfect shooting star press, Irish was finally able to keep Nite down for a three count and the victory.

Following the match, the pair shake hands. However, Nate uses it as an attempt to hit a backpack piledriver on Son of Irish and run rampant until the Irishman himself ran down to the ring and chased Nite off.

Big Bruce vs. Steven Styles w/ Cujo

The evening’s second match was kickstarted by Big Bruce calling out RCW management for their apparent favouritism to other wrestlers on the roster. It resulted in Bruce looking for an opponent, and not just any opponent but the biggest and badest wrestlers on the roster.

Be careful what you wish for.

The lambasting resulted in not only one wrestler entering ringside, but two. Both Steven Styles and the returning Cujo entered ringside, with it blatantly clear that neither was there for a conversation.

The match began with Bruce attempting to weaken his much larger opponent with a series of punches. However, they seemed to have little effect on Styles, who began an aggressive beatdown of Big Bruce. While Styles imposed his will on Bruce for the majority of the match, his opponent was able to get brief flurries of offence in. However, Cujo was able to act as an effective deterrent at ringside, always making certain that Bruce wasn’t on top for long. While Styles was able to secure a number of pinfalls, Big Bruce was able to power through on a number of occasions.

Unfortunately, it wouldn’t stay that way for long. A ruthless powerslam from the top finally allowed Styles to put Bruce down for the three.

However, the victory seemingly wasn’t enough for either Styles or Cujo. Following the match, a savage beating commenced. Both Styles and Cujo absolutely decimated Bruce, leaving him helpless in the middle of the ring.

Big Jess Youngblood vs. Jordon Aries
Big Jess Youngblood takes flight | June 8, 2019 Target Photography

In the evening’s third match, Jordon Aries was tasked with facing off with one half of Top Talent, Big Jess Youngblood.

The action started hot and heavy between the pair. The two exchanged a series of submissions early, with both looking to wear down their opponents throughout the beginning minutes of their battle. While Youngblood and Aries were each able to get in their offence, neither was able to gain a clear advantage over their nemesis in the early goings of the match.

That all changed, however, with a monstrous arm drag from Youngblood to Aries that allowed the Original Aboriginal to begin thoroughly decimating his smaller opponent. While Aries was able to muster brief flurries of offence, Youngblood was ruthless in his humiliation of his opponent.

However, while Youngblood came close to victory a number of times, Aries resilience shone throughout the match. A number of devastating suplexes from Youngblood would have kept a lesser man down; however, he was able to not only power through Jess’ numerous pinfall attempts, but slowly was able to regain his momentum from earlier in the match by using his speed to his advantage.

Unfortunately, like Thanos snapping his fingers, Aries was gone in an instant.

As so often happens, it all changed with one devastating manoeuvre from the Original Aboriginal. As Aries looked to put Youngblood away, a massive spear out of nowhere kept Aries down for the three-count.


Following the evening’s third match, the unmistakable sound of “For Whom the Bell Tolls” rang through the St. John’s Cultural Centre. As the opening notes rang out, Chris PerishMeniac, and Kayla Jaye entered the ringside area through the crowd. It was clear that the trio wasn’t there to mess around. Immediately, Perish grabbed the microphone and began to speak.

While Perish was clearly upset, he was focussed in his delivery. It wasn’t long before tagSTRUGGLE’s reasons for appearing became evident. After a short promo, Perish turned to RCW Commissioner Irishman and requested a tag team title opportunity against new RCW Tag Team Champions Dirty Inc later that evening.

As Irish prepared to grant the wish, the familiar strains of the Viking Rage’s music hit. However, not long after Vince Austin, Dante, Günnar the Pagan Destroyer and Mr Spectrum made their way to the ring, the newly-formed team of Barricade and Dean Richtor entered. As the three teams bickered amongst each other, the new champs finally made their entrances. It was the first appearance of Cody Chimera and Maverick Jack, and the two brandished their titles with pride as they headed toward the squared circle.

As expected, neither team had many kind words to say to the others; tensions were clearly high, and with the Irishman in the midst of all of it the situation looked bound to boil over.

Thinking on his feet, the commissioner made the decision to host a fatal-four way as the main event of the evening, featuring each of the teams involved in the dust-up. While Dirty Inc attempted to refuse the match, a threat from Irish to strip the duo of their newly-won titles made both Chimera and Maverick Jack quick to oblige. The four, all (mostly) satisfied made their respective ways backstage.

RCW Alberta Championship Match: Dylon Stone© vs. Dylan Blade
Dylon Stone brandishes his Alberta Championship Target Photography

The fourth match of the evening saw the Alberta Championship up for grabs as Dylon Stone defended his title against the debuting Dylan Blade.

The match kicked off with a slap to the face from Stone to Blade; however, after the initial showing of dominance from champion to challenger, a solid series of chain wrestling ensued between the two. The pair exchanged near-falls early, with Stone routinely able to get the better of his younger opponent. However, while the Alberta Champion was able to utilize his size advantage often, Blade’s advantage in speed served him well throughout the match.

While Stone had initially approached his challenger with almost a cockiness about him, the Alberta champ appeared to have a shift in mindset as the match went on. Early in the match, it looked as though Stone was all-too-sure of his imminent victory; however, a more focussed Stone emerged midway throughout his battle with Blade. It looked, perhaps, as though the Stone had underestimated his opponent, and the younger challenger took it to the titleholder for the majority of the middle portion of the match. A number of times, it looked as though Blade had the Alberta champions’ number, and on more than one occasion it looked as though the RCW faithful would crown a new champion on Saturday.

However, just when looked down-and-out, that’s when the in-ring savvy of Dylon Stone truly came into effect.

The finish of the match was an absolute whirlwind. Stone took to the ring with guns a-blazing, brutalizing Blade with a series of vicious lariats. While Blade’s agility allowed him to dance around a number of Stone’s attempts, it wasn’t long before he found himself on the receiving end of a few vicious shots. With Blade reeling, Stone took to the ring apron. As has happened to so many of his opponents, a textbook Thin White Line/Running Knee combination proved to be the undoing of Dylan Blade. While the upstart looked impressive in his first saunter into an RCW ring, it simply wasn’t enough to take down the Alberta Champion.

Heavy Metal vs. Brice “The Slammer” Sova
Heavy Metal smiles as he looks to secure a victory over The Slammer at RCW’s 16th-Anniversary Show | May 04, 2019 Target Photography

I said it in our last recap, and I’ll say it again here: if two monstrous dudes beating the ever-loving hell out of each other is your thing, you won’t find a much better matchup than Heavy Metal and the Slammer.

The tension between two of the top guys in RCW could have been cut with a knife on Saturday night. With two of the most combustible personalities in the industry locking horns once again, one could forgive the trepidation felt by many at the St. John’s Cultural Centre. Given their barricade-busting battle at last month’s 16th-anniversary show, there truly was no telling how far these two would push their limits on Saturday.

Thankfully, we found out just how far these two would take it, and let me tell you, it makes for some damn fine professional wrestling.

A massive headbutt and side slam from Sova to Metal kicked off the match, and for a brief moment, it looked as though the highly-anticipated hoss fight would be over before it even began. However, while the hot start gave the Slammer the momentum in the early goings of the match, it simply wasn’t enough to keep Heavy Metal down. The two began to work each other over mercilessly; whether it be the seemingly endless parade of slams or a devastating kick to the face, both men looked hell-bent on not only putting down their opponent for a three-count, but for good.

Unfortunately, it wasn’t long before Heavy Metal was able to take advantage of the Slammer. A teased chokeslam attempt from Sova turned into a number of powerful slams from Metal, and an out-of-nowhere superkick to Sova led to a two-count of his own. Metal dominated the majority of the middle of the match, and while Slammer was able to muster brief spurts of offence, Metal truly proved why the Top Talent moniker he and Big Jess Youngblood brandish has been earned.

Late in the match, Metal looked to have Slammer down and out with a rear naked choke; however, at the last moment, Slammer was able to power through and avoid being put to sleep. It seemed as though from that moment Slammer was rejuvenated, and shortly afterwards Metal took the battle outside of the squared circle. While likely initially designed to give the Top Talent member a breather, it only served to set him up for an obscenely excellent Slammer Suicide Dive* that sent the RCW crowd into an absolute frenzy.

From that point on, Slammer imposed his will on Metal. The Top Talent member was routinely thrown from barricade to barricade, tossing Heavy Metal around with relative ease. Taking the action back to the ring, the Slammer proceeded to mercilessly powerslam Metal, but he was unable to keep his veteran opponent down.

Finally, it seemed, the Slammer was ready to put his opponent away. Setting Metal up for a vicious F5, Slammer looked to have the match won. However, it was apparent that Metal was determined to win on Saturday, whether by hook or by crook. Unbeknownst to referee Charles Spencer, Heavy Metal was able to rake the eyes of the Slammer. While illegal, it was effective; shortly after, the Slammer erroneously took out the referee with a devastating lariat and attempted a pinfall on the dazed ref. Shrewdly, Heavy Metal immediately dropped to his stomach and hit the three count to purportedly give the Slammer the victory. As Sova celebrated, Metal hit a lethal superkick to the face, and all looked to be over for the Slammer. Inexplicably, Sova was able to kick out, shocking both Metal and the RCW faithful. As Heavy Metal attempted to recover, Sova was able to hoist him on his shoulders and hit an F5. For the umpteenth time of the match, all looked to be over and likely would have had it not been for the unfortunate fact that Charles Spencer had been knocked unconscious.

While the unconscious referee may have impeded Slammer from impending victory, it only served to exacerbate the anarchy inside the ring. As both Metal and the referee lay motionless, Sova headed to ringside, only returning once he’d obtained a wooden door from underneath the ring. However, no sooner than Slammer was able to prop the object against the ring ropes, Heavy Metal recovered from his daze and the two began to fight against the door. The two exchanged monstrous blows, including an incident involving a thrown door courtesy of Metal to Sova. In the chaos, the Slammer was not only able to set the door up in a table-like fashion, but additionally able to hoist Metal to the top rope. Within seconds the Slam Man had delivered a brutal (but awesome) cutter through the pseudo-table, and it finally proved enough to keep Metal down-and-out for the three-count.

While the battle may have been won, however, the war is evidently far from over. Following the match, Heavy Metal obtained half of the now-broken door and ruthlessly proceeded to beat the Slammer. While the beatdown was short-lived, it was enough to send a message: this isn’t done.

RCW Commonwealth Championship Match: “The Viking Lord” Vince Austin vs. “The Universe” Zack Mercury
Commonwealth Champion Vince Austin prepares to take flight against “The Universe” Zack Mercury Target Photography

There are thousands of words I can say about RCW’s return from intermission on Saturday. I could wax poetic about the Universe’s relentless assault on “the Viking Lord” Vince Austin. We could chat about the quest for revenge that Mercury has been since losing his championship at the hands of the Viking Rage, and the slow descent into madness that sparked his aggression throughout Saturday’s match. I could espouse on Mr Spectrum’s role in the match, the brutality of Austin, or my own personal desire to watch this feud stretch for eons.



Yes, after years of anticipation, the Mercury/Viking Rage feud will finally come to a head in a highly-anticipated Glove on a Pole match. Facing off in the match Dutch Savage made famous is an apt way for the two to conclude what’s been a bitter feud. It’s a match I certainly feel comfortable calling a first-time-ever event in an RCW ring, and frankly if I’m wrong, sue me.

Be still, my beating heart.

RCW Tag Team Championship Match: Dirty Inc (Cody Chimera/Maverick Jack) vs. tagSTRUGGLE (Chris Perish/Meniac) vs. Viking Rage (Günnar the Pagan Destroyer/Dante) vs. Barricade/Dean Richtor
Mike Malowany |

Saturday night’s main event was everything you would want and more in a wrestling match. Four teams faced off with the RCW Tag Team Championships on the line and considering the talent involved, expectations were high from the moment the match was announced earlier in the evening.

Cacophony was the theme from the start. From the second the opening bell rang, each of the eight combatants rushed the middle of the ring, with a good old-fashioned hockey fight erupting. Frankly, it was hard to contain the eight combatants involved in the match. Within seconds of the initial brawl, only two men remained in the ring: Barricade and Günnar. As the two monsters engaged in a wicked faceoff, the crowd erupted, salivating at the prospect of the two giants of Real Canadian Wrestling facing off one-on-one. This time, however, Barricade was able to get the better of the monstrous Pagan Destroyer, hitting him with a number of shoulder tackles that forced the muscle of the Viking Rage out of the ring.

That, however, didn’t seem to be enough for Barricade. As the combatants collected themselves outside of the ring, Barricade took to the apron and in a moment of pure awesomeness barrelled off of the squared circle and into the awaiting crowd.

The brutality continued shortly thereafter between Dante and Barricade’s teammate Dean Richtor. While Richtor had a clear advantage over Dante during their short stint in the ring, a well-timed strike to the knee took the man known as Real Talk out of action. Fortunately, he was eliminated in short order by the remainder of the matches competitors before he was able to utilize his mystical orb.

Günnar clears Maverick Jack off the top rope with a wicked chokeslam, and the Viking Rage stood tall.

That is, at least, until Barricade decided to renew his earlier rivalry with the Pagan Destroyer. Rushing the ring, the giant took out both members of the Viking Rage, scoring the first pinfall attempt on Dante. While Barricade was unsuccessful in the attempt, the weakened Dante was prone for a double-team, with Dante getting slammed down, immediately followed by his partner Dean Richtor hitting a top rope leg drop for the cover and the first elimination of the night.

tagSTRUGGLE’s Chris Perish enters the match, only to tag out to Dirty Inc.  Both members of the Tag Team Champions get worked over by Barricade and Richtor. After a chaotic few moments where all six men got involved in the match, Meniac tripped up Barricade from behind, and Perish covered the stunned Barricade to eliminate him and Richtor from the matchup.

That left tagSTRUGGLE and the champions to fight it out for the titles. It quickly turned into a brawl, with the referee having a hard time keeping order. In the chaos, Maverick Jack grabbed the Tag Team Championships and made an attempt to nail Perish in the head with them. However, Jack was thwarted by Kayla Jaye, who grabbed the title out of his hands. However, in a move reminiscent of Eddie Guerrero, Jack feigned an injury as he tossed the title in Jaye’s direction.

The distraction of Jaye leaving allowed Dirty Inc to isolate Chris Perish in the ring. An all-out assault culminating with Dirty Inc’s tandem running boot/side slam finisher seemed to keep Perish out for the count, but Meniac made it in for the save. While Perish managed to tag in Meniac in the follow-up, the Move Thief didn’t fare much better against the champions. With Perish worn out in the corner, Jack and Chimera were relentless in their attack.  Every time Meniac got close to a rejuvenated Perish in the corner, Dirty Inc made sure he either was not in a position to make the tag or the referee never saw it.

However, after a quick turn of events, Perish finally received the hot tag and went nuclear on Dirty Inc. Two massive superkicks to both Champions left their jaws out of place, and after hitting their tandem finisher – a Russian Leg Sweep/Running Knee combination the team simply calls “Help” – it looked like the titles would be changing hands. Alas, a split-second breakup by Maverick Jack saved the titles for the champions.

Unfortunately, that’s when the titleholders were able to use some chicanery to their advantage.

While the referee was occupied with a brawling Chimera and Meniac, Jack yet again grabbed the RCW Tag Team Championship left at ringside and nailed Perish in the head, knocking him out. Despite Meniac being the legal man, Maverick Jack covered Chris Perish and the referee counted the 1-2-3 to give the champions the victory.

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