This is not an article talking about the Paul Goldschmidt trade to the St. Louis Cardinals. Today’s trade reminds us all that trades conjure up real emotions.  This is an article where you will be asked to look back over your baseball fandom and recall the trade that hurt you the most.

I’m personally stumped. The December 16, 2009 trade of Roy Halladay from the Toronto Blue Jays to the Philadelphia, much under the same circumstances as today’s Goldy trade, was disappointing. So disappointing even our site owner Spencer Love recalls feeling dejected even though he admittedly just read headlines and boxscores and rarely watched baseball. At the time of the Halladay trade I was working for a lacrosse club so baseball was on the backburner for me. Nothing else really jumps out at me especially since as an Edmontonian I had to endure the Wayne Gretzky trade (yeah I know it’s hockey but the pain was real). Also as an Edmontonian I saw my AAA Edmonton Trappers sold to Nolan Ryan. One of the things you become accustomed to as a fan of Triple A ball is players leaving. Obviously though when the likes of Dante Bichette, Wally Joyner and Tim Salmon got the call to leave the feeling of loss was compensated by the knowledge you saw them before they were famous.

Our resident Texas Rangers fan Dylan Fry chimed in with having to decide between the Ian Kinsler for Prince Fielder trade or the Michael Young trade to the Phillies.

Probably Young because I was excited the Rangers got Fielder. Young was the heart and soul of my preteen/teenage years. It was like losing a part of my family.

Our resident Yankees fan Ian Sheppard took the conversation in a different direction.

I don’t recall ever being heartbroken over a trade but I hated when the Yankees landed Bobby Abreu. I never thought he was THAT great of a hitter and at the time of the trade thought it was based mostly off his HR derby success. The team needed pitching more which they eventually got with A.J. Burnett and C.C. Sabathia before winning the World Series in 09.


If you are a Diamondbacks fans the account listed above was a must-follow. Name the trade that made you feel as down and depressed as the above tweet.

Paul Goldschmidt Trade Reminds Us Emotions Are Real
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