NXT Preview – February 28th

To start my NXT Preview, i’ll give an apology for missing last weeks – I was in Serbia (weird, right?) and missed the last episode: And Geez did I miss an important episode. To recap:

  • Velveteen Dream defeated No Way Jose, called out Tyler Bate post-match.
  • William Regal announces the Dusty Rhodes tournament will return.
  • Nikki Cross beats Vanessa Borne
  • Andrade Almas defeats Johnny Gargano with help from Tomasso Ciampa: Johnny must now leave NXT.

As always, I’m @Parkman15Love here with your weekly preview (except last week, sorry again!) of NXT.

Note: Spoilers are out there for the tapings, including here at Win Column Sports. Click HERE if you’d like to read! 

The Main Event


We get a rematch of the May Young Classic Finals today, with Kairi Sane taking on Shanya Baszler. These two have a long history, with Baszler making Sane her first target in NXT – and the Pirate Princess responded accordingly. Kairi has a shot at redemption in the form of a one on one match with the Queen of Spades tonight. It seems these two are tied in with NXT Women’s Champion Ember Moon, so I’d expect the winner of this match to come out as the favourite to challenge Ember at TakeOver: New Orleans. Selfish booking on my end here, but seeing a triple threat here wouldn’t be a bad alternative in my book.

Other Segments

The below segments have been advertised from WWE.com.

Andrade “Cien” Almas & Zelina Vega finally got rid of the thorn in their side, Johnny Gargano (with a lot of help from the world’s worst person, Tomasso Ciampa). With Mr. Wrestling gone from NXT, what’s up next for El Idelo? We’re going to find out – they’re scheduled tonight for a promo. I’m sure this promo will go off without a hitch, and that nobody will interrupt to stake their claim to the NXT Championship.

Tyler Bate takes on Velveteen Dream in tonight’s episode as well. Simple yet effective storylines, paired with a full commitment to his character has made Velveteen the act in NXT right now. This match is based on the fact Velveteen thought he deserved Match of the Year last year, not Bate vs Dunne. Hopefully two rising stars in NXT get 10-15 minutes to shine, as I believe they can have a great match with time to work.

The Championship Scene


As spoken about above, I fully expect the winner of Sane-Baszler to take on Ember Moon in The Big Easy. These three have defined the main event scene for the women. It only makes sense they’ll continue to build around them.

The United Kingdom Championship Pete Dunne has been more prominently featured on NXT then anywhere, and I do hope that continues. I believe a second belt allows feuds to be more easily established, and who doesn’t want to see Pete Dunne on their TV’s? What are your thoughts on a 2nd belt in NXT? Win Column’s Spencer Love & Prince Gill debated its pros/cons in an article you can read HERE.

Finally, The Undisputed Era isn’t up to much these days. After a loss to SAniTy at the last set of tapings, how will they avenge that loss? SAniTY still has a rematch clause (I believe) – will we see that in New Orleans? Or will SAniTy announce that they’ll use their clause earlier? Personally, I hope Undisputed gets new challengers soon. You can’t really take a feud upwards from god damn War Games.

My Thoughts

  • Man, what a hell of an NXT Career for Johnny Wrestling. I’m sure a match with Ciampa is in the cards before his call up, but just looking back – who expected this. Wow.
  • Where in the world is ECIII? Where is War Machine? Do horses even wear shoes? Are there horse socks? Is anyone even listening?
  • Continuing on my promise: Why hasn’t AOP been called up? I mean, Titus Worldwide just wrestled on a ROAD TO WRESTLEMANIA PAY PER VIEW FOR THE TAG TEAM CHAMPIONSHIPS. Meanwhile, The Revival sat out and The Club was on the pre-show. Who made that call?
  • Who’re you taking to win the Dusty Rhodes? From the official bracket, my money is on SAniTy, unless War Machine gets in somehow.
  • I hope they give Nikki Cross a meaningful story line soon. She’s just too damn good.

That’s it from me folks! What’re your thoughts on the build to TakeOver: New Orleans? Let me know what you like or dislike @Parkman15Love, or follow Win Column Sports on Facebook (HERE) or Twitter (HERE)

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NXT Preview – February 28th
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