The Saturday Slate is a weekly discussion or platform where members of Win Column Sports provide their respective opinions and thoughts on an event that took place in the prior week. Additionally, there is also a running pool amongst the contributors based on our picks for Saturday’s match-ups. This week, the Win Column panel discusses the NHL action on March 9th.

The Story:

The Carolina Hurricanes have made the news in more ways than one this season with their implementation of the “Storm Surge”. They’ve even gone as far as being called a “Bunch of Jerks” by the lovely Don Cherry. The Saturday Slate panel will give their opinions on the controversial Storm Surge as well as give their suggestions for other NHL teams celebrations.

Ben Ferguson

The Carolina Hurricanes keep winning, and you guessed it, they’re still going strong when it comes to their trademark post-game “storm surges.” I’m sure I’m not alone when saying that it’s surprising that the Hurricanes have carried on with their post-game theatrics for this long. I was convinced it would’ve been a short-lived ploy, but boy was I wrong and I’m glad in a way that I was wrong. These storm surges in their own ways provide entertainment in themselves.

You can argue that the Golden Knights were the first to deploy a “storm surge” during their pre-game introduction however, it’s just not quite the same. I believe the Golden Knights could put on some of the most entertaining and creative “surges” to date. I’m sure it would be an instant hit as Vegas is a place where everything goes above and beyond. Something that would be easy, yet entertaining would be recreating monumental action and/or fight scenes from medieval related movies. Not only would it be entertaining, but it would be fitting.

Spencer Love

It’s tough being an Oilers fan; generally, over the past 12 years, our victory celebration has been known as “rare”.

All kidding aside, the Oilers have to be one of the least entertaining teams in the NHL when it comes to rituals, celebrations, or any form of off-ice entertainment. While not quite a victory celebration per se, I think the Oilers brass would rebuild even a little bit of goodwill with the Edmonton faithful in bringing back the famed Oil Derrick of years past. While logistical issues prevented His Highness Daryl Katz© from bringing the beloved entrance prop to the Oilers current home at Rogers Place, one would have to think that his oodles of billions of dollars could find a space planner who could figure out how to put a tower in an arena. Unfortunately, much like winning a Stanley Cup, fitting the Derrick in a hockey rink has become just another symbol of something the Oilers could do in the ’80s that they just can’t do now.

Arik Krause

I’m pretty neutral on the Storm Surge. At the end of the day, I don’t watch the Hurricanes play, it doesn’t affect my life and the Storm Surge isn’t enough for me to want to watch them play. Frankly, it’s kind of frustrating that the focus is all on the Storm Surge this season instead of the fact that the Hurricanes are playing good hockey with young talent.

I don’t find the Storm Surge disrespectful, however, I’d prefer if my team (the Capitals) don’t do it. However, being in the Nation’s capital makes it very easy for them to play off of something political. A “Capital Celebration” or “Political Party” rather.

Carl Landra, 4th Line Podcast

In all honesty, I didn’t even know that a group of jerks was called a bunch. I figured it’d be a Pack of Jerks. None the less, I love everything about the Storm Surge. The celebrations bring just that little something extra to the game. Every team should do something for the home fans after they win at home. At a bare minimum, it should be gathering at center ice and raising your sticks to the fans.

If any team in the league were to add a Storm Surge-like celebration to their post game, it should be the Sharks. They have great personalities on the team and this would let them show it off. Instead of the claps that the Storm Surge has, the team starts to skate to the middle of the ice, sticks raised, slowly starting to skate in a circle, until the entire team of sharks (we shall call them a shiver) are circling. From then on, we’ll leave the rest up to Joe Thornton. And thus we have: Sharks Shiver.

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