EDMONTON, AB: First of all, on behalf of everyone here at Backbreaker Media, and the Win Column Sports Network, I want to wish a big thank you to everyone fighting this COVID epidemic that we are in.  Many of you might not know, but many of the people in the wrestling community are in essential roles outside of the ring, some even working the front lines in health care.  The stress everyone is going to has to be immense, but for those people, it is amplified. Thank you for all you do, and thank you to everyone for doing your part in trying to get through this trying time.

With that being said, we here at Backbreaker Media wanted to do our part.  We currently have an ever-growing library of videos on our Video On Demand page, backbreakermedia.pivotshare.com. However, we do understand that many, if not most of our fans have been laid off at this time, and your money should be going to taking care of yourself.

Therefore, starting tomorrow, April 7th, we will be releasing videos to our YouTube page four times a week (Tuesdays, Thursdays, Saturdays, Sundays).  The first release will be the most recent show from Force Pro Wrestling, The Return. Following that, the complete 2017 and 2018 seasons of the Canadian Wrestling Coalition will be released. Each video is broken down into each of their monthly shows from the Red Deer area. These shows are known to be some of the most spectacular in Alberta at the time. All shows will start at 7 pm MDT.  If this outbreak lasts longer than the CWC run, we will look to other videos that we have in our archive.

As with all of Backbreaker Media’s exclusive content, all shows will be uploaded to our current V.O.D channel for immediate access for BBM subscribers.

I guarantee two things:

1) We have enough footage to last a while (just need to get items edited) and

2) These videos will remain up for the duration of the outbreak, before being exclusive to the VOD channel.  Check out the YouTube page for a release schedule.

All we ask is one of three things.

1) Share the YouTube page out (www.youtube.com/c/backbreakermedia).  Please subscribe and like these videos if you like them. Your views on the page actually help a lot for further exposure on YouTube.

2) Consider signing up to either our Video on Demand Channel (backbreakermedia.pivotshare.com) or the WCSN’s Patreon Page (www.patreon.com/thewcsn). Anything we receive on their will allow us to produce more content.

3) Take care of yourself. There will be A LOT of wrestling when we come back, and we want to see everyone there when they do come back (hopefully on separate nights…).

Thank you everyone, and be safe.

Mike Malowany – Owner, Backbreaker Media

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Mike Malowany

Known as "The Ref", Mike has served as an official in various sports over the last 25 years. The last five years he has turned his attention to the wrestling scene, with advertising, podcasts, and video production with Backbreaker Media (fka Edmonton Sports Podcast Network). Mike joins Win Column Sports in producing more video content, as well as provide insight into the many sports we cover.

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