EDMONTON, AB: A trio of championships changed hands Saturday night at Monster Pro Wrestling’s feature event, Riptribution 12.

Prior to the previously-announced match between Sexy Samantha and Taryn from Accounting, then- women’s champion Phoenix entered the ring with the assistance of a set of crutches. Once in the ring, Phoenix announced that she would be relinquishing the title due to injury, with the winner of the upcoming 2-out-of-3 falls match between Samantha and Taryn would be declared the champion.

Taryn used her energy and enthusiasm to take the first fall in the match on a sunset flip. However, Sexy Samantha pushed the action to another level. Following a knockdown, Samantha used the ropes as leverage to keep Taryn down for a three-count to level the match at one fall apiece. In the third fall, it appeared that Taryn had the match won, hitting her patented twisting bossman slam. However, Blake Kannon jumped on the ring apron, distracting the referee. As Taryn was trying to get the referee’s attention, Sam took advantage, blinding Taryn and hitting her with a Michinoku Driver for the deciding pinfall. Three short seconds later, Sexy Samantha was crowned the new MPW Women’s Champion.

Immediately following the women’s tilt, the Renegade Tag Team Championships were defended in a Gauntlet match. The Rugged Future, the current champions, were under the gun, entering the match first. Despite their clear disadvantage, the duo of Kid Cyrus and Rich King were impressive in not only surviving but earning victories in two hard-fought matches with Wrestling Royal-TY and the Kannon Experience. However, the champs were not able to get past the team of High Octane in their third matchup of the evening. The mastodons of MPW were able to effectively separate the champions throughout the match, leaving little room for either King or Cyrus to escape the decimation. Following a huge chokeslam/powerbomb by Ajax on Rich King, the champs were eliminated. With their elimination, it appeared that the match was over and that Ajax and Pro Payne were the new MPW Tag Team Champions. However, the Dad Bod Squad, who were attacked by High Octane earlier in the night, emerged from the back as the last team in the gauntlet.

The bad blood between both teams was obvious from the onset. It appeared the Dad Bod Squad had the victory in hand, hitting their double knees in the middle of the ring on a prone Ajax. However, with the referee knocked out inadvertently, Pro Payne hit Rick Jules with one of the Renegade Memorial tag team titles, knocking him out cold. Dragging out an unconscious Ajax on top of Jules was Payne, and the referee hit the three count. Yet again, new champions were crowned in the form of High Octane.

The main event of the evening saw the annual Ripper Royal take place. The annual fans-bring-the-weapons battle royal saw the majority of the roster enter the match, with the exception of MPW Heavyweight Champion Mitch Clarke. This year, not only did a Ripper Royal win guarantee entry into next month’s Blitzkreig match, but would also see the victor earn the MPW Ripper Challenge Championship in the process.

As could be expected, the match was absolute cacophony, with everything from an ironing board to a Guitar Hero® controller utilized in the match. One by one, everyone from the Cheetahbear Jude Dawkins to  Lumberjack Larry Woods fell, until it came down to KB6 of Wrestling Royal-TY and Nasty Nate Nixon.

Throughout the finish, it looked like it could be anyone’s game. KB6 showed off his athleticism in hitting a number of high-risk manoeuvres, but unfortunately, it ended up being his downfall. Late in the battle, Nate caught KB6 diving into the ring through the ropes, and hit him with a draping Buck Nasty DDT, and picked up the 1-2-3. It’s official: Nasty Nate Nixon is the new Ripper Challenge Champion. With the win, Nasty Nate is also automatically added to the Blitzkreig match December 7.

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