The NBA schedule was released this past Monday night. Waiting until 6PM EST included many moments where you would swear the clock ticked backwards as you awaited the full schedule for your favourite team. NBA schedule release day is a wonderful day because you get to glimpse into your future filled with chicken wings, cold beverages and basketball.

We will spare you the “level playing field” and “hope springs eternal” jargon that is normally associated with seeing your team’s schedule for the first time. If you are a Chicago Bulls fan, you are already trying to convince yourself that Dwyane Wade, who is at least 10 years older than 11 players currently on the roster, can keep them ahead of the Brooklyn Nets.

Seeing the Raptors, Spurs, Cavaliers and Thunder as your first 4 of 5 opponents, almost saps the enthusiasm out of new schedule euphoria. Unless of course you have one of those “backasswards” mentalities, that wants your team to become the next Brooklyn Nets, but actually have their first round draft pick, which they “earned”. (Editor note, spare me the 76ers “trust the process” crap until the day they become as good as the Warriors).

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Regardless of who your team is, the best way to look at the 2017-18 season is expressed succinctly by our NBA guru Kail Schofield:

I’m happy with how they’re structuring the schedule! Not so much on who is playing who, but how the league is looking at player fatigue, and TV games. Less back-to-back games. No 4 games in 5 nights. Last year we saw several teams rest stars and essentially write off games. Hopefully with more rest days, we will see less scratches of top stars and better “marquee” TV match-ups.

Kail also mentioned that he is “not one to break down a schedule” but this basketball fan has already figured out how the month of October will play out for one of his favourite teams. Bookmark this folks, the Portland Trail Blazers (who deserve more respect than they get) will enter November sporting a 5-2 record.

Resident Boston Celtics fan Joshua Berube had this to say about the shiny new schedule:

Christmas has come early! The Celtics and Wizards face off on the holiday card. Promoting the best series of last year’s playoffs makes sense.

I can care less about opening day. The Cavs pick and choose the games they play and with all the drama with Kyrie Irving and LeBron James, the game will be secondary, especially with the Celtics trying to incorporate new players.

I am looking forward to the Laker series, Lavar and Lonzo Ball can provide the hatred and theater that is the Celtics and Lakers match-up. Besides, who doesn’t want to beat a Magic led team? I’m also going to enjoy to comparing top draft picks Jayson Tatum and Ben Simmons.


Whether you are one of those fans just following a superstar or four a la Steph Curry, Kevin Durant, Draymond Green and Klay Thompson (who our writer Spencer Love believes does not constitute a super team) or one of those fans (again just like Spencer) who likes to cheer against LeBron, start making those plans!

It is such a shame we have so long to wait for the NBA schedule to start. Is it October yet?


NBA Schedule Released, Reactions Of Joy!
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