MSI (Mid-Season Invitational) is Riot Games pinnacle event of the spring. It’s the halfway point of the season and brings every champion from the Spring Split into one tournament. Six teams came into the group stage vying for a spot in the knockout round. Only four teams came out alive. Invictus Gaming from China. Liquid from North America. G2 Esports from Europe and SKT T1 from Korea.


Our first semi-final will pit the 1st seed Invictus Gaming against the 4th seeded Team Liquid. I will give a brief rundown of their tournament so far. As well as give a reason why they will win the semi-final.


The Teams

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Invictus Gaming the Chinese representative simply walked through the group stage. Mainly due to performances from Rookie and rising star TheShy. TheShy is having a breakthrough season. He’s pretty much the undisputed best player in the world right now. He makes every play look possible, something we haven’t seen from a player since prime Faker. Invictus Gaming came into the event as the favorites in my opinion and have proven time and time again why they are the defending World Champions. They even dismantled SKT T1 in a record-breaking 16 minutes.

I think Invictus Gaming will win this series due to being a much better team. They have more skill across the board and have been drafting well throughout the tournament. Something that Liquid hasn’t been doing well at all. Liquid finally brought it together in the final day of the group stage. However, Invictus Gaming never lost. TheShy will be the best player on the rift and Rookie will hold his own against Jensen. As long as they can maintain Liquid’s bot lane. Invictus Gaming will find themselves in the final.


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North America’s hope. LCS fans for years have been running on exactly that, hope. The only way that Liquid will win this series is based off hope. Liquid crawls into the knockout stage with a 4-6 record. They consistently had bad drafts at the beginning of the event but they brought it together on the last day and played very good League of Legends. That does not mean they are on par with Invictus Gaming. Don’t expect too much out of this series, Liquid will be lucky if they extend it past three games.

However, I did say at the beginning of the article I would give a reason why both teams can win. Liquid can win this series if the bot lane dominates. Doublelift at some points in his history could have been debated for one of the best ADC’s in the world. He will have to reach that peak in this series if Liquid wants any chance. Jungler Xmithie has been known for his baron stealing magic in the past. Liquid will be playing from behind most games and will need that baron magic. Can North America’s only chance to bring down the giants of China? I don’t think so, but anything can happen in League of Legends.


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