EDMONTON, AB: There’s little doubt that Michael Richard Blais serves as the benchmark for Alberta’s wrestlers. Over the course of his nearly 15-year career, Blais has earned his reputation as not only one of the top workers in the province, but across Canada.

“Wrestling is my obsession,” espouses Blais. “(It’s) the thing I’m most passionate about and it’s very important to me.”

Now, Blais will have his first true opportunity to pass that love forward. This weekend will see the PWA and Force Pro Wrestling join, well, forces to host their first attempt at a training seminar, with the event to be led by Blais himself. The event, taking place over September 14th and 15th, is the first of what’s being advertised as monthly mini-camps from the promotions.

“I’ve been lucky to have gotten to experience so much doing (wrestling) and have learned from so many great people over the years,” Blais commented on the training seminars. “From Tyson Kidd to Dr. Tom Prichard to Ricky Steamboat and so many more.”

“I just want to pay it forward if I can to other people with the same passion.”

This weekend’s inaugural course will be an introduction to the basics of professional wrestling, including learning how to run the ropes, taking bumps, and more.

Though the man known as God’s Gift to Wrestling has had a hand in training the likes of former PWA Champion Kenneth Anthony, his fellow Millennial Rebel Colton Kelly and PWA alumni Richie Rage among others, this weekend marks his first attempts at leading full wrestling seminars.

When asked for advice for any aspiring wrestlers stepping between the ropes for the first time, Blais has this to say: “No one is expecting you to be amazing when you first start. If you doubt yourself, don’t.”

“I couldn’t do a proper somersault for my first full year, I forced myself to become an athlete through passion. As long as you have that drive, you’ll make it happen and I have all the time in the world to help you as best I can.”

“Worst case, you give it a try and realize you don’t have that, but it’s better to try than regret never trying at all.”

For those interested in signing up for this weekend’s seminar, spots are available on a first-come, first-served basis at a cost of $200. Contact infoforcepwa@gmail.com for more information.

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