Saturday night saw Monster Pro Wrestling return to Alberta Avenue for their signature event, MPW Riptribution. The event, now in its 12th iteration, serves as a tribute to former MPW promoter and co-owner Trevor “Ripper” Grimolfson, who tragically passed away in November 2008. Since then, Monster Pro Wrestling has annually paid tribute to their fallen brother, and each year the promotion goes above and beyond in not only honouring Grimolfson but putting on an excellent show. The same held true on November 2nd, as the Monster Pro Wrestling roster put on a terrific event on one of the most important nights of their yearly calendar.

Let’s recap!

Quick Results:
  1. Nasty Nate Nixon def. Dangerous Danny Evans, Wildcard JJ Spade
  2. MPW Women’s Championship Match (2-out-of-3 Falls): Sexy Samantha def. Taryn from Accounting
  3. MPW Renegade Memorial Tag Team Championship Gauntlet Match: High Octane def. Rugged Future, Wrestling Royal-TY, Kannon Experience, Dad Bod Squad
  4. Mitch Clarke & Massive Damage vs. Lumberjack Larry Woods & The Cheetahbear Jude Dawkins – Double Disqualification
  5. Nasty Nate Nixon wins the Ripper Memorial Battle Royal
The Headline:
Say Goodnight to the Good Guys

Sometimes, it pays to be bad. Just ask literally anyone who won a match at Riptribution.

It was a bad night for the good guys on Saturday, as each of the promotion’s most popular stars fell to each of the respective dastardly opponents. It seemed as though the stars aligned for the rudos of Monster Pro Wrestling, who ran the table to go a perfect 4-0-1 on the evening. The only blip, if you can even call it that, was a double disqualification courtesy of the hottest feud in MPW, Mitch Clarke and Lumberjack Larry Woods. Otherwise, only the ne’er-do-wells that left Riptribution with their arms raised, much to the chagrin of the capacity crowd on Alberta Avenue.

Despite the lopsided results in the bad guys’ favour, there was no lack of action inside the ring ropes. Frankly, it was likely one of the best-wrestled cards in recent MPW history, and that’s nothing but a compliment to the roster’s performance on Saturday. Let’s just hope that next time we can score one for the good guys.

The Good Stuff:
Two Matches, Two Wins, One Title for Nasty Nate

There’s perhaps no bigger winner coming out of MPW Riptribution than “Nasty” Nate Nixon.

Many were curious as to how Nasty Nate would perform at Monster Pro Wrestling’s biggest event of the year. Without long-time running mate Kato by his side for the first time in ages, few knew what to expect from the former Cat’s Meow member.

Well, if there were any doubters, they were conclusively shut up last Saturday, as Nate bookended the show with a pair of dominant performances.

In the evening’s first match, Nate was his conniving best in defeating both “Dangerous” Danny Evans and “Wildcard” JJ Spade. Despite the two fledgeling stars putting on arguably their best respective matches to this point, they simply weren’t a match for the veteran savvy of Nasty Nate. It was that experience that handed Nate the victory on Saturday night, pinning Evans after the latter was the recipient of a picture-perfect moonsault from Spade. While the means may have been questionable, whether by hook or by crook Nasty Nate Nixon stood victorious after the evening’s opening match.

Though it may have been a statement victory, it was only a taste of what was to come.

The evening’s main event featured the annual Ripper Memorial Battle Royal, a fans-bring-the-weapons battle royal that serves as one of the highlights of the MPW calendar. In a return to tradition, the match also saw the victor claim Massive Damage’s Ripper Challenge Championship. Of course, as could be expected, the match was absolute cacophony. Both bodies and weapons flew about the ring with reckless abandon, with everything from a Guitar Hero® controller to an ironing board utilized in pursuit of the Ripper title. Again, it was Nixon who came out victorious, remaining remarkably nonchalant throughout the match in an attempt to make it through unscathed. It was an incredible display of restraint, and though Nixon was able to lay a few massive blows to his opponents through the course of the match, his ability to go unnoticed was downright remarkable. In the end, it paid off, with Nixon now standing as the MPW Ripper Challenge Champion.

Downright nasty.

Sexy Samantha Claims MPW Women’s Championship

Saturday night was set to see Sexy Samantha and Taryn from Accounting renew their bad blood in a straight-up 2-out-of-3 falls match.

Unfortunately, prior to the match commencing, MPW Women’s Champion Phoenix entered the ring unannounced, sending a ripple throughout the capacity crowd on Alberta Avenue. Shockingly, the champ revealed that she’d sustained a devastating knee injury and would be forced to relinquish the MPW Women’s title, ending her second championship reign at 42 days. In light of the news, it was announced that Samantha and Taryn’s previously-scheduled match would now be for the title, adding extra stakes to what promised to be a heated match.

Of course, given the history between the two women, that was already to be expected, but the two went above and beyond in their brutal affair on Saturday night. Both looked hell-bent on claiming the now-vacant championship, with each of Taryn and Samatha putting in some of the best in-ring work this writer has had the pleasure of watching them perform. Sam was at her ruthless best, routinely shutting down any of the numerous offensive manoeuvres that Taryn threw at her. However, it was TFA that picked up the first pinfall, savvily rolling up Sam as she argued with the referee. Unfortunately, it wasn’t long before Sam evened the score, utilizing the ropes as leverage to secure, ironically, another roll-up pinfall.

Upsettingly, with the third and final pinfall looming, Samantha and her ever-present compatriot “Beautiful” Blake Kannon ostensibly decided to get their hands dirty. Late in the match, Taryn unleashed a massive Deep Six-type manoeuvre that looked to have Sexy Sam down for the count. Unfortunately, at the same time as Taryn scored the pin, Kannon was sneakily distracting the referee, preventing them from counting the championship-sealing pin. Confused, Taryn released the pin, and within seconds Sam had not only taken TFA down, but scored the winning pinfall. While the crowd may have been irate, the result didn’t change: Sexy Sam is your new MPW Women’s Champion.

Double DQ at No DQ Event

I do have to come down a little bit on MPW Commissioner Jimmi Zero, in the most loving way possible: how could you call a double DQ at an event designed to prevent DQ’s?!

The above statement is said half in jest and half due to the early cutoff of what was one of the highlight matches of the night. The quadrumvirate of Lumberjack Larry Woods“The Cheetahbear” Jude DawkinsMassive Damage and MPW Champion Mitch Clarke were clearly out to put on a show on Saturday night, and they did so in spades.

Of course, the major underlying story was the still-unresolved tension between former best friends Woods and Clarke. Since the shocking conclusion to September’s event on Alberta Avenue, the two have been at war with each other, with Lumberjack Larry dogged in pursuit of the championship that he believes he never should have lost. Clarke, conversely, has been riding the hottest streak of his career, carrying the MPW Heavyweight Championship for over 56 days and aligning with Massive Damage in the process. Saturday was the first opportunity for the former friends to face off inside the squared circle, with them and their respective allies engaging in an all-out war at Riptribution.

Truly, there’s no other way to put it: this was a bloodbath. The four laid an absolute beating on each other, with each duo pushing the other to greater, more sadistic heights. Whether it be the series of chairs introduced into the match or simply the massive blows laid upon each’s respective opponent, it’s a testament to the four men involved that not only were they able to continue their match but continue to stand.

Eventually, as mentioned, it got to the point in which Commissioner Zero threw the match out due to violence.

Frowny face.

All the Rest:
Dammit, High Octane, You Ruin Everything

The only misstep on Saturday night was, yet again, only due to this writer’s personal opinion. Not only was my heart shattered by the tragic loss of the Rugged Future’s tag team title loss, but the double whammy of a Dad Bod Squad loss coupled with a title win for High Octane just about killed me. The pair were ruthlessly efficient in their victory, eliminating two of Monster Pro Wrestling’s top teams in vicious fashion to win the tag titles. As could be expected, the win didn’t come without a bit of chicanery, but what the referee doesn’t see won’t hurt him, right? Now, the duo best known for looking remarkably like father-and-son stand on top of the MPW tag team division.

While the match was satisfying, the result was a heartbreaker.

Spencer’s Three-Count:
  • One day, Mitch Clarke and Lumberjack Larry Woods will finally face off in singles action, and this writer is very, very pleased about that. If Saturday night was any indication, the bad blood evidently hasn’t diminished between the two, and sets the stage for what could be one of the biggest matches in MPW history. There’s truly no underselling how excited I am for the eventual tilt.
  • I really, really like watching JJ Spade wrestle. While I’m not sure how long he’s been wrestling for, his tenure thus far in Monster Pro Wrestling has been incredibly enjoyable, and it seems as though he improves by leaps and bounds each match. Mark my words: he’s someone to watch in 2020.
  • Special thanks to whoever decided to bring the guitar hero controller to the show, both for the nostalgia pop and the pleasure it obviously gave Mitch Clarke to play during the Ripper Memorial Royal.
Next Up:

Monster Pro Wrestling is back in action from November 21st-23rd for a mini-tour of Lloydminster, Bonnyville and Hinton, respectively. Tickets are available through the MPW social media channels or any current Monster Pro Wrestling star.

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