Two weeks following an explosive Royal Rumble, the Road to WrestleMania remains relatively unclear and porous with stopgap feuds. Mania may be only two months away, but the Elimination Chamber is only 20 days in the future. Thus far, 3 participants for the namesake match have qualified for the male match, and the recently announced female EC match has only the defending champion involved. Each week paints a clearer picture, and this week will hopefully be no different – with that in mind, let’s take a look at the first RAW of February.

A Quick Recap

  • Braun Strowman def. Kane – Braun qualifies for Elimination Chamber
  • Elias def. Broken Matt Hardy – Elias qualifies for EC
  • The Miz (c.) def. The Roman Reigns – retains IC Championship
  • The Revival def. Slater and Rhyno
  • Asuka def. Sasha Banks
  • The Bar (c.) def Titus Worldwide – retain RAW Tag Team Championship
  • John Cena def. Finn Balor – Cena qualifies for EC

This Week’s Show

The Elimination Chamber will not be far from anyone’s minds for the next 2 weeks – I wonder what tag line will be driven into the WWE Universe’s heads so heavily we consider lobotomizing ourselves? Tonight features at least one Chamber qualifing match – to be fought out between Bray Wyatt and The BIG DOG ROMAN REIGNS.


Both competitors have faced off multiple times, with similar track records. Both are former WWE Champions, Wyatt winning his first in the same Chamber only a year ago. Reigns was laid to rest by the Miztourage last week, losing his Intercontinental Championship match, and presumably ending his brief feud with The Miz, leaving no reason for the A-Lister to interfere – but Bray Wyatt is far from finished with Broken Matt Hardy. Hardy was screwed out of his place in the Chamber last week by the Eater of Worlds; will Hardy retaliate by doing the same this week? Probably. Hell, I’d say certainly. No question. Definitely. For sure. Yef.

Reigns will enter the Chamber, probably lose, and then dec-declare

you think my current promos are bad?

Conversely, the Women’s Chamber match is lacking all competition – look for some to be named tonight, or at least have qualification matches announced. A graphic from the hosting arena may have already spoiled the surprise. The women’s division has me interested. It seems unlikely that Bliss will retain heading into WrestleMania when a technically sound match with Asuka, Sasha, Bayley, or the Nia Jax exists walking out of the Chamber.

As mentioned earlier, The Miz retained his Intercontinental Title last week, putting the Big Dog down while 12 year olds mourned the loss of their first real role model and companion; sort of like Marley and Me. Not the sub-par book; the Owen Wilson movie.

Owen Wilson (thanks, Owen)
Speaking of guest appearances…

What’s next for the Miz? The immediate future has him and Asuka fighting for rescue dogs in the Mixed Match Challenge (see above; seems like Owen Wilson would be a fantastic GM or guest host). Speculation leads to Miz facing either Braun Strowman or Finn Balor at Wrestlemania; both of which are pretty appealing. Miz has risen into one of the most sound workers on the roster, with a varied arsenal and great awareness in the ring, stacking up nicely with either Braun or Finn, and a universally workable worker – sound familiar?



I’d love to place bets on where the IC Title ends up on the Wrestlemania card, but a stronger draw comes from riding it out and watching what unfolds.

The Rest of the Card

  • Titus Worldwide had their asses handed to them by The Bar, losing again – what’s next for them?
  • With whom will the Revival feud heading into the Elimination Chamber; the Bar is now stacked against The Club, Jason Jordan is injured, Slater and Rhyno have been defeated. Who’s left?
  • Is Kane really injured? I hope not.
  • I really hope not.

That’s it from this end; but what do you want to see happen heading into Wrestlemania? Air your thoughts in the comment section, and as always, thanks for reading!

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Monday Night Hayden – RAW Preview for 05/02/2018
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