The basketball world is closely watching LeBron James to see where he goes next, but what if he’s not going anywhere? He’s played on the Cavs for 11 of the past 15 years, and it seems that the King might want to finish his career off at home.

The Options

LeBron has a few options this postseason, including the Los Angeles Lakers, Houston Rockets, Philadelphia 76ers, and possibly more. The Los Angeles Lakers have the cap space for a star, Houston gives LeBron the chance to form a super team with Harden and Paul, and the 76ers could benefit from Lebron’s arrival to help take Simmons and Embiid to the next level. All those scenarios seem appealing to the basketball fan inside of me; however, maybe LeBron is just too loyal to his hometown?


Many believed that once LeBron ended Cleveland’s 52-year title drought in 2016, he would leave as soon as possible. However, he stayed put. Why? Sentimental attachments. The Cavs hope that because of these sentimental attachments that LeBron stays in Cleveland this time around. These attachments include family, legacy and the past loyalties that the Cavs have shown him.

An interesting thing to note is that during this free agency period, LeBron will not meet with prospective teams. Ditching the tactics he used in 2010 and 2014, LBJ is allowing his agent and other representatives handle the business side of things. What’s LeBron going to be doing? Vacation with his family as he makes up his mind. As he spends more time with family during the off-season, maybe it will convince him more to stay at home.

Repairing Connections

At one point during the 2017-2018 NBA season, it seemed that the relationship between the Cavs and Lebron was going to break. Kyrie Irving got traded last summer, Isaiah Thomas did not mesh well with the team, assorted injuries took their toll, and Tyronn Lue’s medical problems made it seem that LeBron was going to leave once again.

General manager Koby Altman decided to do a last minute roster overhaul at the trade deadline. As a result, Cleveland advanced to the NBA Finals for the fourth year in row, surviving two game 7’s and sweeping the number one seed in the East. The overhaul is exactly what LeBron needed to give him the boost to dominate the post season.

Carrying the Load

Roster overhaul or not, LeBron carried the Cavs as expected. Playing all 82 games in the regular season and giving his best post – season performance to date. He averaged 34 points, 9.1 rebounds and 9 assists while making some clutch buzzer – beaters. He gave it his all in the Finals sweep, a series that could of gone much different if not for that OT loss in game 1.

LeBron is literally the heart and soul of the franchise with the energy and commitment that no other player possesses in the league – and it’s scary that the man is 33 years old and is in the prime of his career.

Winding Down

At 33 years old, the appeal for LeBron to stay home is different compared to eight years ago when he left for Miami. He has to think about his three children and his growing business endeavours. His priorities have changed since his last outing as a free agent, and because of that, there’s a strong possibility that LeBron will finish his career at home.

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LeBron James to Re-Sign with the Cavs?
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