MSI. League of Legends first big event of 2019 is upon us. This year’s tournament is going to be in Hanoi, Vietnam. All the regions have finished the first half of their respective seasons and MSI is the culmination of all the effort those teams put in the first half of the year. MSI is one of my favorite Esports events of the year. It’s personally cool seeing the best teams in each region fight against each other in one event. We only get to see it twice a year.

Here are the standings after Day 4. iG has mathematically secured the first seed into the bracket stage. G2 and SKT have also secured their spot in the knockout stage.

Over the course of the next two weeks. We’ll be going day by day giving our predictions and short thoughts over the days matches. Here’s Day 5. The last day of the group stage. 


SK Telecom T1logo square.png vs Team Liquidlogo square.png

The biggest game of the day implication wise as Team Liquid needs to get at least one win today between their matches of SKT and G2 assuming that Flash Wolves beats PVB and loses to iG. That’s all Liquid needs to make the knockout stage. One win and a Flash Wolves loss. SKT has secured their spot in the knockout stage, but they don’t want to potentially slip to the fourth seed and be forced to play iG.

My prediction: SK Telecom T1logo square.png


Phong VÅ© Buffalologo square.png vs G2 Esportslogo square.png

G2 goes into the final day tied with SKT for second place record wise. G2 has the easier schedule and they will need to get revenge on PVB to take advantage of that. If you remember correctly, PVB got their only and only win in the tournament against G2. I don’t believe lightning is going to strike twice in the same place, however.

My prediction: G2 Esportslogo square.png


Invictus Gaminglogo square.png vs Flash Wolves logo.png

Invictus Gaming has clinched first place so they may let off the gas a little bit here to not show more of their strats heading into the knockout stage. I think an iG playing at 75% can still beat this Flash Wolves roster so I’m still going to take iG in this one. I just really hope Flash Wolves doesn’t make the knockout stage. Maybe that’s a bit of my North American bias.

My prediction: Invictus Gaminglogo square.png


Team Liquidlogo square.png vs G2 Esportslogo square.png

This game may be Liquid’s last chance to stay in the tournament depending on how the day goes. I don’t think Liquid can beat G2 even at their best so I’m going to take G2 in this one. This game could get a little trolly, especially if Liquid locks in the knockout stage before this game and can’t get into third place. NA vs EU games has a tendency to get wild.

My prediction: G2 Esportslogo square.png


Flash Wolves logo.png vs Phong VÅ© Buffalologo square.png

I’m going to take PVB in this game for one reason. Flash Wolves will be knocked out by this point and will take their foot off the gas. Allowing PVB to feed off of the home crowd advantage and roll through Flash Wolves. Vietnam. Enjoy your second win of the event!

My prediction: Phong VÅ© Buffalologo square.png


Invictus Gaminglogo square.png vs SK Telecom T1logo square.png

The last game of the knockout stage and boy could it be a doozy. The last time these two teams faced off on the rift. Invictus had the fastest win in MSI history at just over sixteen minutes. Completely dismantling the Korean squad and sending shockwaves through the community. Don’t expect SKT to lay down in this one no matter the circumstance. They got flat out embarrassed last game and don’t want that to happen again.

My prediction: Invictus Gaminglogo square.png


Who do you think will move onto the MSI Finals? We’ll have your bracket stage previews with a lot more analysis next week!

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