Though the year may be winding to a close, Alberta’s wrestling scene still had some major announcements take place over the past seven days. One of Alberta’s finest was confirmed to be heading overseas in February, while a pair of promotions announced matches that are sure to be trainwrecks in the most positive of fashions.

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Mo Jabari Set for Slamforce Africa Debut

South Africa is set to get a taste of Kid Chocolate.

Yesterday, it was confirmed that the PWA’s “Kid Chocolate” Mo Jabari will be heading overseas to debut for Slamforce Africa. The appearance is set to take place on February 28th at the promotion’s second event. SFA02.

“I always wanted to go back home to Africa since coming to Canada years ago,” Jabari commented to the WCSN. “Wrestling just happens to be the reason I go back and I’m grateful to all that helped me along the way.”

Full story on the WCSN.

Clandestine Society Announces Clusterf**k Battle Royal

The Clandestine Society’s inaugural card grew exponentially yesterday with the announcement of the “This Is Not a Clusterf**k…It’s Just a Tribute” Battle Royal.

Unlike a traditional over-the-top battle royal, the Clusterf**k will feature a number of unique stipulations. Most importantly, eliminations will only count as a result of pinfall, submission, or forfeiture. Additionally, rather than utilize a 60-second timer for new entrants as per Royal Rumble rules, participants in the Clusterfuck can enter the ring at any point.

In addition to the match itself, the promotion also confirmed the first entrants in the battle royal. On Tuesday, “The Thickness” Reid Matthews, Taryn from Accounting, The Canadian Goose, “Kid Chocolate” Mo Jabari and Andriy the Giant were announced as the match’s first five entrants. Additional announcements are expected over the coming days.

Full story on the WCSN.

MPW Confirms Blitzkrieg V Entrants

This coming Saturday will see Monster Pro Wrestling close out their Edmonton calendar with their fifth-annual Blitzkrieg event. Last week, the promotion officially announced the six participants involved in their Blitzkrieg match, each of whom had to win one of MPW’s signature matches to earn their way into December 7th’s marquee match.

This year’s participants include:

  • Mitch Clarke (MPW Heavyweight Champion/Leo Burke Cup winner)
  • “Beautiful” Blake Kannon (2019 Eliminator)
  • “Nasty” Nate Nixon (Ripper Battle Royal)
  • Wrath (Roman Battle Royal)
  • Kid Cyrus (Renegade Memorial Tag Team Tournament)
  • “Rugged” Rich King (Renegade Memorial Tag Team Tournament)

Of course, “Lumberjack” Larry Woods also earned his way into the Blitzkrieg match by way of his co-victory in the Leo Burke Cup. However, he was suspended following a ruthless assault on Referee Kevin at last month’s Riptribution event.

Tickets for MPW Blitzkrieg V are currently on sale through any Monster Pro Wrestling star or any of the promotion’s social media channels.

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Pure Power Wrestling Results
Pure Power Wrestling • PPW Live in Vauxhall Vauxhall, Alberta • November 29
  1. Killer Bee def. Angelica
  2. Bryn Watts def. Kenn Stevens
  3. Falls Count Anywhere Match: Kyle Sebastian def. Bradley Graham
  4. PPW Heavyweight Championship Match: Dewey Robson def. Sydney Steele (DQ)
  5. Over the Top Battle Royal: Dewey Robson def. Sydney Steele, Kyle Sebastian, Bradley Graham, Bryn Watts, Kenn Stevens, Killer Bee
Pure Power Wrestling • PPW Live in Bow Island Bow Island, Alberta • November 30
  1. Bradley Graham def. Bryn Watts
  2. Killer Bee def. Angelica
  3. PPW Heavyweight Championship Match: Sydney Steele def. Dewey Robson
  4. PPW Cruiserweight Championship Match: Jumpin Josh def. Kenn Stevens
Real Canadian Wrestling Results
Real Canadian Wrestling • Holiday Impact • Calgary, Alberta • November 29
  1. Travis Cole def. D. Dwight Davis
  2. Steve Rivers def. Tony Machete
  3. Top Talent def. Joey Vendetta/Cannonball Kelly
  4. RCW Commonwealth Championship Match: “The Viking Lord” Vince Austin def. Cody Deaner
  5. Cody Chimera def. Raj Singh
  6. Holiday Havoc Gauntlet: “The Cheetahbear” Jude Dawkins def. Brice “The Slammer” Sova, Giant Orion, Keishi, Dante, Tyson Hiller
Real Canadian Wrestling • Winter Impact • Edmonton, Alberta • November 30
  1. “The Cheetahbear” Jude Dawkins def. Dante
  2. KOTA def. Tony Machete
  3. D. Dwight Davis defeated The Canadian Goose
  4. RCW Tag Team Championship Match: RichtorCade (Barricade/Dean Richtor) def. Irish Nites (Son of Irish/Nite), Joey Vendetta/Cannonball Kelly
  5. Brice “The Slammer” Sova def. Cody Deaner
  6. RCW Commonwealth Championship match: “The Viking Lord” Vince Austin© vs. Matt Hart (No Contest)
  7. RCW Canadian Heavyweight Championship Match: Heavy Metal© def. Cody Chimera
  8. Last Man Standing Match: Giant Orion def. Big Jess Youngblood
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Monster Pro Wrestling • Blitzkrieg 5 • Edmonton, Alberta • December 7

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