EDMONTON, AB: It’s been years since either Chris Jericho or Batista took to wrestling on the independent scene. However, fans attending the Clandestine Society event will be treated to that very once-in-a-lifetime experience – kind of.

On December 14th, Jack Pride will face off with Davey O’Doyle in an Imitation Games match. The matchup will see Pride play the role of Chris Jericho, while O’Doyle will take a turn as “The Animal” Batista.

“I’ve been telling every promotion to give me what I want,” said O’Doyle as he ever-so-cooly put on a pair of sunglasses.

“Jericho Jack, kiss my ass.”

Neither Batista nor Jericho are far off when making the proverbial “pro comparables” for O’Doyle and Pride, respectively. On the surface, Pride does appear to have the advantage in this unique matchup. The “Man of Two Minds” moniker is more than a nickname, but a literal interpretation of Pride’s day-to-day life. His split personalities, Jack and Pride, are complete opposites, both stylistically and emotionally. However, both are equally dangerous, and his ability to play the mental game should serve him well in December 14th’s matchup.

However, if you’re looking for a blend of size and speed like no other in Alberta, Davey O’Doyle’s your guy. His mix of brutal offence with freakish agility has earned O’Doyle accolades across North America as both a singles star and as a member of the League. There’s perhaps no one better to represent “the Animal” than Davey O’Doyle, and no one better equipped to take on Pride Jericho.

Neither Pride nor Jack was available for comment at press time; however, they could be seen carrying a little bit of the bubbly and muttering to themselves.

Tickets for the Clandestine Society are only available on an invite-only basis. Stay tuned to the WCSN for more from the Clandestine Society.

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