Allow me to introduce – possibly re-introduce – myself. I am not a soccer guy, but over the years have attended a few FC Edmonton games sitting next to the Supporters Group, now known as the River Valley Vanguard. Genuinely, I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the matches.

Admittedly, the memories of the matches are based more on the antics of the Supporters than the game play but when the drive to revive the Eddies began, I was one of the first to put down a deposit to become a season ticket holder. As such I receive the Club’s e-mails about upcoming events. The past couple e-mails have been of the private nature with a season ticket holder’s only invite to Canadian Premier League President Paul Bierne one night only visit to the Capital City and the “Kit Reveal” party. Recently, the club announced the Grand Opening of the Edmonton Soccer Dome:

“The Scottish Dome is hosting their Grand Opening, April 27, and we are inviting everyone for a day of football fun and to experience how a professional soccer club prepares for the 2019 inaugural season. Come watch the CPL inaugural home match at 11 am, followed by an FC Edmonton open training session.

Day Schedule:
  • 11 am – Canadian Premier League Opening game viewing party presented by FC Edmonton
  • 11 am – Edmonton Media game presented by United Sport and Cycle
  • 12 pm – FC Edmonton Open training session
  • 1 pm – Soccer Dome Free community open day begins
  • 1:30 pm – Mayor Don Iveson hosts the official opening
  • All Day – Prizes to be won and games to be played
Important Info:

Per the Sports Dome website:

“The Edmonton Soccer Dome is the largest sports dome in Canada with an impressive 135,000 sq ft playing surface. The Dome is a state of the art air support structure constructed by Arizon Building Systems, over a FIFA Quality Pro-approved artificial turf surface. The Edmonton Soccer Dome is owned and operated by The Edmonton Scottish Society, a non profit organization established in Edmonton in 1870.”

You do not have to be a season ticket holder to come to this event. You do not even have to be a “soccer guy” to come. This is a chance to be a part of a cool day in Edmonton Soccer history and a chance to meet the new Eddies.



The CPL has begun running a series breaking down projections on how teams will lineup and fare. An article from Armen Bedakian wrote details “1 reason why your team will win the 2019…and why they won’t”. Here’s the Eddies’ section:

Why they’ll win:

“Confidence, in spades, defines Jeff Paulus the coach, who has assembled the most locally-sourced outfit in the Canadian Premier League. The addition of Amer Didic gives the Eddies a strong and commanding presence in the backline, while experienced and wiley winger Randy Edwini-Bonsu is a handful on the field. But it is the DNA of Edmonton that gives the Rabbits their biggest advantage – team chemistry and unity could be the difference-maker in Alberta, and, perhaps, the rest of Canada. It doesn’t hurt that the Eddies have a plethora of young, hungry players, too.”

Why they won’t:

“Time can be a fickle friend to those who need it early, and that sentiment could prove to be Edmonton’s folly in 2019. For, the Eddies’ greatest strength – a team born from within its own roots, united by a love for their city – is also their biggest weakness. Edmonton is young. Really young. And a lot of their players are stepping into professional football for the first time. As such, it will take time for the team’s teenage contingent to really find their feet. It’s not a problem three years down the line, but for 2019? This team might skew a touch too inexperienced at the moment.”


We are 11 days away from the inaugural game in Winnipeg on May 4th. 19 days away from the inaugural home game on May 12th. 25 days away from the first road trip to C*lgary on May 18th.

If you are interested in going to Winnipeg or keeping up-to-date on the club’s inaugural home opener, keep an eye on their Facebook page for updates. Also, keep an eye on their event page for the game down the QE2.

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