FC Edmonton fans can now plan their vacations as the Canadian Premier League dropped its schedule on February 27th. Eddies fans already knew the team would be starting on the road on Stars Wars Day (aka May 4th). Eddies fans also knew they would be spending Mother’s Day at Clarke Stadium for the teams home opener on Sunday May 12th. Here are the league notes on how the scheduling will work in the inaugural season:

  • The Spring season will run from April 27 to July 1 (Canada Day) using Canada’s National Holiday appropriately to celebrate the first portion of the 2019 season and our league for Canadians by Canadians.
  • All seven clubs will play 10 matches in the Spring competition.
  • The Fall season will run from July 6 to October 19
  • All seven clubs will play 18 matches in the Fall competition following the table reset on July 2

Let’s take a deeper look at the “Spring Season”.




The first official CPL battle of Alberta happens in Calgary on May 18th. Keep your eyes and ears peeled for any possible fan bus or at the very least where the Supporters section down south. Saturday June 15th will be the first chance that FC Edmonton fans get to show Calgary fans how loud and frenetic a Supporters section can be. After alternating a road game and a home game to start the season, the team alternates playing two on the road then two at home for the duration of the Spring Schedule.

Of the 5 home games, two are on Saturday with one game apiece on a Wednesday, Sunday and the Canada Day Holiday on Monday.


FC Edmonton

The highlight of first half of the Fall Schedule is a 4-game home stand spanning Wednesday July 17 to Saturday August 10. The next possible trip to Calgary happens on Friday August 16th. The team plays another holiday Monday game, this time on Labour Day on the road.


FC Edmonton

Part two of the Fall Schedule features 3 Wednesday games. One can complain about mid-week games, the only concern is the weather for evening games in October. In total, the Fall Schedule features five Wednesday games, three Saturday games and one Sunday game.

Here are some of the league notes on the format that will be used:

  • All clubs will play against one another at least four times, and at most five times in the regular season
  • The inaugural season will be separated into two distinct halves to crown winners that will advance to the two-legged Canadian Premier League 2019 Championship
  • All seven clubs will compete in a single table
  • 3 points for a victory
  • 1 point for a draw
  • 0 points for a loss
  • The winner of the Spring season will be the team with the most points at the end of the season on Canada Day (July 1) and will be the first club playing in the Canadian Premier League 2019 Championship
  • The winner* of the Fall season will be the team with the most points on October 19, following the table reset on July 2, and will be the second club playing in the Canadian Premier League 2019 Championship
  • *If same team wins, next highest cumulative point total across both competitions earns berth

Check out FC Edmonton’s website for all your ticketing questions. See you at Clarke on May 12th!

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