**A Special Invitation**
FC Edmonton is pleased to pass along a special message from our friends in the #YEG4CPL group. As you all know, they played an instrument role in the rebirth of FC Edmonton.
Please see the note below for a very special “reveal” event:
The secret is out! The next chapter of support for FC Edmonton is about to launch. After the success of the “March2CPL”, the YEG4CPL movement is proud to announce that there will be an event for the newest supporters group in Edmonton. 

Please join us for a brief introduction to the new supporters group on Saturday September 15, 2018 at the Old Town Pub on Whyte Ave at 7PM. There will be a short presentation to introduce the name, crest and identity of the supporters group. We look forward to the usual “Blonde Rabbit Ale” (by Sea Change Brewing) on tap, as well as some brand new supporter swag up for offer (make sure to bring some cash for this!). 
All ages are welcome and encouraged to attend this event. Here’s the event link for more information: LINK

All the above text is from the e-mail blast FC Edmonton fans periodically receive from the Club. We at Win Column Sports, while fans of the Eddies, would not consider ourselves part of the soccer choir. I mean if you are a “rally rabbit”, we are not your first stop for news and information about the team. You know what, that’s fine. The purpose of this article is not to preach to the choir but to attract more fans. To show off the energy behind the FC Edmonton story and share with it people who may need an extra push to pay more attention to soccer in Edmonton.

Watch the brief video in the quoted tweet by the team’s General Manager Jay Ball. The Supporters Group of FC Edmonton is why I go to the games. Maybe for the pure soccer fan that makes me an abomination but the Eddies understand that a game needs to be more than just a game.

What’s YEG4CPL you ask?

The Eddies jumped off a sinking ship that was the NASL. Shortly thereafter the new Canadian Premier League began introducing teams. The fan base movement called YEG4CPL was instrumental in bringing FC Edmonton back to being a soccer team.

You need to feel this energy. You need to be at the Old Town Pub on Whyte Ave at 7PM!

Old Town Pub on Whyte Ave at 7PM
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