A Fantasy Football season is short, only a small percentage of the year and that’s super unfortunate in my books. It’s quickly becoming one of my favorite times of the year but that doesn’t mean you should play all season long. Week 17 is a completely useless week in Fantasy Football, simply don’t play it. As a Fantasy Football commissioner, I make it a point to have the playoffs finished after Week 16. It’s not fair to the teams in the Championship Finals to have to scrounge the waiver wire because the players they invested in and drafted at the beginning of the year are sitting out due to clinching the playoffs for their respective teams.


While we’re at it. If you’re not in your leagues Fantasy Football playoffs and there is no reward for seeding or punishment for the last place, please, let the teams competing for something have priority on the waiver wire. I don’t make it a rule in my league, however, I think it’s good etiquette to sit back and grab the free agents instead.



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I’ll play devil’s advocate here just for the sake of doing it. Some leagues like to play Week 17 because they think keeping depth on your bench and understanding who’s sitting and who’s not is a skill and should be judged. Most dynasty leagues also play Week 17 due to already having huge benches and people don’t need to scrounge the waiver wire. Final standings for draft picks is also a huge role in dynasty leagues.


Now to play devil’s advocate for the other half of the topic. Everybody should be allowed to compete all season. You pay the entry fee to play 16/17 weeks and deserve to play those out. At the end of the day, people like winning, regardless of matchup or reasoning for it. Especially in leagues that use FAAB waiver priority instead of the waiver order. As everybody has an allotted budget and should be able to use it whenever they want. If I want to spend half my budget on a player that I know is going to start next season, so I can use him as a keeper. I should be able to.


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