We’ve pulled over at a Husky gas station on the Road To Wrestlemania, as Elimination Chamber takes place tonight at the T-Mobile Arena in Nevada. Ronda Rousey finalizes her RAW Contract, and two Elimination Chamber matches will take place. Who’ve you got?

“Woken” Matt Hardy vs. Bray Wyatt


Spencer: Brother Nero…I knew you’d come! With this feud having nearly run it’s course, I feel as though WWE will want to make a big splash in the Woken universe prior to WrestleMania. It’s been nearly five months since Jeff Hardy went down with a shoulder injury, but with multiple sources reporting that the younger Hardy was in Birmingham getting his injury checked out, could we see a return at Elimination Chamber? I think so; look for him to assist in a Matt Hardy win. Prediction: “Woken” Matt Hardy

Prince: This feud has to be coming to an end right? There has been some highlights, but for the most part this feud has been embarrassing. I’m a huge fan of both men and they both need to move on to something better. As Spencer mentions above, it’s time to take the Woken gimmick to another level. Jeff Hardy returns as Brother Nero to give the assist to his brother. Prediction: “Woken” Matt Hardy

Dylan: This feud has been going on for way too long with little story progression. Do we get a Brother Nero sighting to make things more interesting? Let’s hope so. I don’t think Matt gets a victory here leading his Woken world to become… Broken. Prediction: Bray Wyatt

Hayden: I’m in Dylan’s corner. Back in the summer of 2017, this was the most anticpated feud on the roster as Matt showed more and more of his broken persona. Now, it’s dry, and continues to fall back on laughter and mind games. Heading into Wrestlemania, Wyatt is going to have more momentum. Prediction: Bray Wyatt

Pedro: Ah… nice match between two freaks of nature. I got the feeling this feud I coming to an end as Jeff Hardy is making his way to a comeback after his injury. Prediction: Matt Hardy wins

RAW Tag Team Championship Match – The Bar vs. Titus Worldwide

Mat Elfring

Spencer: A filler feud to give Sheamus and Cesaro some momentum heading into WrestleMania. Look for a quick win. Prediction: The Bar retains

Prince: Titus Worldwide has picked up some wins over The Bar which means the The Bar will retain here. Can we get The Bar vs The Revival vs The Club at Wrestlemania? Now that’s something I want to see. Prediction: The Bar retains

Dylan: Why is this a thing? Just bring AOP up, already. Prediction: The Bar retains 


Pedro: There is not much to say about this match, at least not by me. Titus Worldwide will job to The Bar, and the match will be over as soon as it started. Prediction: The Bar

The Club vs. The Miztourage


Spencer: Now this is a forgone conclusion! It seems clear that The Revival will face The Good Brothers in some capacity at WrestleMania – whether a triple threat tag team titles match or a standard tag match. Look to the Club to take home the win tonight. Prediction: The Club

Prince: This should be a great match. As Spencer mentions above, four great workers who will bring some good old smash – mouth wrestling. The Club should pick up the victory here. Prediction: The Club 

Dylan: I can’t even think of a way that Miztourage wins here. Prediction: The Club.

Hayden: No question here, The Club. I don’t have the gall to make a satirical case for the Miztourage. Prediction: The Club

Pedro: Contrary to The Bar’s match, this one looks interesting. A match like this will surely warm up the crowd before the Asuka vs Jax match. With Balor most certainly not winning the Elimination Chamber match, The Club will take the win to keep the stable’s momentum going. Prediction: The Club

Asuka vs. Nia Jax


Spencer: Nia Jax has completely changed my initial opinion on her, but I still don’t think she’s ready for Asuka. Besides, when have they ever ended a women’s winning streak prematurely, and ESPECIALLY right before WrestleMania?! Oh, right…sorry, Charlotte FlairPrediction: Asuka

Prince: Interesting match – up. Nia has improved quite a bit since their match from NXT and quite frankly, is the only believable option to end Asuka’s streak. Will it happen though? I don’t think so. Asuka’s streak is far too important for it to end at a PPV like this but I think this match will tell a solid story that it might. I predict a double count out resulting in a three way for the title at WM. Prediction: Double count out. 

Dylan: Have they 100 percent stated that Asuka is challenging for the Raw Women’s Championship yet? I don’t see a scenario where Asuka loses. But I could see a scenario where she wins and still does not challenge whoever wins the Women’s Elimination Chamber. Prediction: Asuka wins but I love Prince’s prediction above of a double count out.^

Hayden: Asuka. Lots of contention over this one. Asuka’s undefeated streak is at a pinnacle right now: tearing through each and every woman on the RAW Roster – aside from one. Nia Jax is both an irresistable force and an unmovable object (about 80% of the time), but her claims that she’s undefeatable are… false. I’ve heard much talk about Charlotte’s undefeated PPV streak ending at Fastlane 2017, leading some to believe Asuka will suffer the same fate. I disagree. I think Asuka squeezes out a win here. Prediction: Asuka

Pedro: Why stop doing  something that is working? While Nia Jax seems like a logical choice to end Asuka’s undefeated streak, it just will not happen. There is absolutely no reason for WWE to stop such a dominant character at this point. That said, I expect a great match from both of them. The brute force from Jax will collide with Asuka’s technicality, making for a great contrast in styles and a nice match to watch. Prediction: Asuka wins

Ronda Rousey contract signing


Spencer: It’s really disappointing that I’m sure people will boo Ronda Rousey initially, at least in doses; however, with a rumoured matchup against Triple HHH and Stephanie McMahon needing to be setup, look for the Billion Dollar Princess to be present. I’ve never been a huge fan of contract signings as a whole, but this one should be interesting.

Prince: This is definitely going to set up her Wrestlemania match. I predict Stephanie McMahon being there and this resulting in a dispute between the two. The rumored WM match is a mixed tag match with Ronda and a partner vs HHH and Stephanie and this will kickoff that feud. It’s good way to put Ronda on the card without overexposing her in the ring. I think the fans will initially boo her but if she gets in Stephanie’s face, the crowd will enjoy the segment.

Dylan: Can I finally stop talking about her on my podcast? I didn’t think so. What happens this Sunday I think all depends on her partner at WrestleMania. It makes perfect sense for Ronda Rousey’s first matchup in the WWE to be the rumored mixed tag team match. Although I would love for her to turn heel eventually, no matter what she will be booed out of the gate by the hardcore fans. Why not put her against the woman who draws the most heat? Stephanie McMahon. I believe the build on Sunday depends on who her partner will be at WrestleMania. It makes the most sense for it to be The Rock but I’m not sure he’s gonna be able to fit this into his schedule. I predicted on The Fry and The Guy Show last week that Shane McMahon should have some involvement in this segment. He should come out as she is about to sign her contract and state “Why not Smackdown Live, Ronda?” I believe you have endless possibilities from there.

Hayden: I mean – what is there to say? Another introduction to Ronda Rousey, and likely the set-up to a Wrestlemania match. It’s long been rumoured that she’ll face Charlotte Flair for the SmackDown! Women’s Championship, but Rousey’s pedigree should relegate her to RAW. Tamina or an intergender match against Kane are the biggest draw for this writer. Hopefully she continues to rotate through Joan Jett’s discography for her entrance music; Bad Reputation would get really old, really quick.

Pedro: Beware wrestling fans, this will be somewhat of a bizarre segment. As far as the contract signing goes, it will be pretty straight forward. Stephanie McMahon will be there setting up a confrontation that will lead to the rumored WrestleMania tag team match. Now, the bizarre bit comes from the weeks after the contract is signed. I see no immediate plans for any RAW or SmackDown Live appearances, there will be little to no immediate following to her match after the signing. Write it down somewhere fans, just so you don’t forget Rousey will wrestle at Mania.

Women’s Elimination Chamber Match


Spencer: At least it’s not a six-woman tag match? It’s been a bit of an underwhelming build to the latest history-making piece of women’s wrestling, but the Elimination Chamber has to be one of my personal favourite match stips, so I’m not complaining. What’s most interesting is that most of the women in this year’s match seem to be entering in duos; we have Banks/Bayley, Sonya DeVille/Mandy Rose, and the recently-reunited (?) pairing of Mickie James and RAW Women’s Champion Alexa Bliss. My biggest question heading into the event – will they use the match to facilitate a Sasha Banks heel turn? I think a Nia Jax/Alexa Bliss storyline heading into ‘Mania would be great, but I don’t see how they build to it with Jax scheduled to take on Asuka at Elimination Chamber, and likely removing herself from the championship situation. I think there’s plenty of time to build to a Sasha/Bayley WrestleMania match; do we potentially see Sasha screw her best friend to win the championship, and set up a ‘Mania feud? God, I hope so. It all starts with one thing, however… Prediction: Sasha Banks

Prince: It seems like the women are making a lot of history this year. Not a knock to any of the performers involved in this match but WWE needs to calm down with advertising. Like the Women’s Royal Rumble match, I predict this match to also be good and I’m interested to see all the little dynamics in the match. Will Mickie help Bliss win? Do we get a similar story-line to Mickie and Trish from a couple years back? I really hope so. Prediction: Alexa Bliss retains. 

Dylan: This “first ever” feels a little less special than it should. With these specialty pay per views, it handicapped the writing team to where they are forced to have this match. Rant over. They have actually made this a decent story. We have what has become three separate pairings in this match. Sasha and Bayley are poised to blow up at some point (hopefully leading to a match at WrestleMania). Mickie and Alexa has been kind of an odd pairing that was kind of our of nowhere but they have their history. The only way for Absolution to go from here is up. This has made me look forward to what should be a great match this Sunday. I don’t see the title changing hands. Prediction: Alexa Bliss retains.

Hayden: Alexa Bliss.

Pedro: The company has not given much attention to any of the wresters in the match, other than Bliss and Banks. It will be  an interesting match. Hopefully, it will be remembered for being a nice match rather than for being the first time women wrestlers take part in a match like the Elimination Chamber. Predicting the outcome of the match is not rocket science.  I’m praying to the late great Chris Candido so Stephanie stays away from the commentators’ table. Prediction: Alexa Bliss retains.

Men’s Elimination Chamber Match


Spencer: Look, guys. I could sit and write a full, long preview on why each wrestler here deserves to win this match. Really, you could make a case for anyone here, if this was a fair and just world. However, life isn’t a fairy tale; we’ve know for a year what the main event of WrestleMania 34 is going to be – and now we know how we’re getting there. Prediction: Roman Regins.

Prince: First off, I think this is going to be a great match. These men are talented and just like the women’s match, there’s a lot of dynamics going on here. It’s been known for well over a year that WWE wants to do Reigns/Lesnar II and this is how they will get there. After Raw’s gauntlet match we all know that Rollins should be in a marquee match up at WrestleMania, but I don’t think it will be against Brock. As Hayden mentions below, will Rollins go into a feud with Kurt Angle about Jason Jordan? I don’t know how else that would happen. Miz, Balor, and Strowman have a triple threat for the IC title while Cena and Elias face each other at WM. That leaves the BIG DOG to come out on top… Prediction: Roman Reigns

Dylan: After this past Mondays’ Gauntlet match, I’m super excited for this match no matter what the outcome is. It’s time to sit back and enjoy the star power of this match. I’d love for there to be a way for the WrestleMania Main Event to become a Triple Threat… but Prediction: Roman Reigns wins last, eliminating Braun Strowman. 

Hayden: The Roman Reign. It’s difficult to make a case for any other competitor, barring Strowman & Cena; however, Cena and Lesnar is a tried and tired feud that doesn’t draw in the same capacity Reigns/Lesnar II will. Balor? Sure, but not at WrestleMania. Besides, Miz, Balor, and Strowman are tangled up in a 3 way feud of their own. Rollins may be taking on the Wrestling Machine and RAW GM Kurt Angle at ‘Mania, a much more appealing match than Rollins/Lesnar. Elias is … well, walking very slowly on the side of the Road to WrestleMania – he doesn’t even get to drive a Ford Fiesta.

Pedro: WWE will find a way to book Reigns on to WrestleMania regardless of what happens. Many months have passed and the guy who deserves the strap doesn’t get it. Once again, something big will happen in relation to Strowman so his momentum doesn’t go to waste just yet. Don’t burst our bubble WWE… not yet. Prediction: Braun Strowman. 

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