Saturday night is Roller Derby night in Edmonton. It does not happen as often as hockey or football let’s find out the details about the big game on April 6th from the E-ville Roller Derby event page on Facebook:

E-Ville Roller Derby Presents: Slice Girls vs Berzerkhers

Join us for our first house team face-off of the 2019 Season! The Slice Girls are coming in hot off their 2018 Gage Cup Victory, but the Berzerkhers have some tricks up their viking sleeves. Will an axe or a knife win this fight? You have to be there to find out!

When: April 6, 2019
Time: Doors at 6pm, game at 7pm
Where: The Edmonton Sportsdome (10104 32 Ave)
Tickets: $10 in advance, $15 at the door. Kids 10 & under are free!
Tickets available at and soon at Mars & Venus.

*Please be advised that there will be flash photography at this event*

Do you remember seeing us promote the Berzerkhers season opening game? Whatever happened in that match? Did the Berzerkhers win?

The Slice Girls, another house team under the E-Ville umbrella, are captained by Tuf Luv and Kat Van Doom, and are fresh off winning the League’s Gage Cup last year.

In communication with the E-Viller Roller Derby office I was told, “The descriptions we provide of the Slice Girls and the Berzerkhers in our sponsorship package are, respectively, “switchblade wielding, yet well manicured” and “hear their viking roar”. If you are new to Roller Derby also, do not be put off by the “weird/fun” names and descriptions. In a world that takes itself far too seriously sometimes, Roller Derby is a sport that embraces personality and fun.

To use a wrestling term, Roller Derby embraces “kayfabe” in initially introducing their players. A classic example is “The Undertaker” is not really from “The Valley of Death” nor is he really a “dead man walking”. To use a Hollywood example, Ralph Fiennes’ portrayal of Lord Voldemort is not the Ralph Fiennes you should expect to meet in real life. So if you meet a Roller Derby player after the match, you should not expect anything else than a thank you for your support.

Make no mistake though, the skaters are not actors. Everything you see these athletes perform on the track is real and not premeditated.

Roller Derby is a rough sport. The physicality of rugby (using rugby here instead of football because derbiers wear just what is necessary in terms of equipment) but on roller skates. The athleticism it requires to play the game at a high level needs to be admired and respected. The best way to understand and appreciate the athleticism is to watch it live.

A Saturday night at the Derby is a good Saturday night.

E-Ville Roller Derby Match Saturday April 6
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