It’s been a couple weeks, but this is the second part to my Fantasy Football Shorts series, a series of articles that are 500 words or less that covers the current happenings in the NFL.

The Story

Dez Bryant, former Dallas Cowboy WR and as of today, current New Orleans Saint used to be one of the best wide receivers in the NFL. Bryant has had 3 1,200+ yard seasons, scoring 10+ TD’s in all 3 of those seasons. That’s when he cemented himself as an “elite” WR in the NFL.

Bryant was an exceptional WR under Tony Romo; however, since his release and the subsequent acquisition of Dak Prescott, it’s been a rough ride for the former Oklahoma State product. Dez never could find great chemistry with Prescott, which eventually led to his dismissal in my opinion. Bryant would have 796 & 838-yard seasons respectively under Prescott, amassing to 14 TD’s in those two years. For context, under Romo in 2014, Bryant had 16 TD’s.

Truthfully, it’s hard to predict how Bryant is going to do fantasy wise coming into the season. He says he’s been staying in shape and that’s evident with the fact the first tryout he went to he got signed. However, coming into the season 9 weeks in can’t be easy. There’s a big difference between game speed and practice speed and Bryant hasn’t even been practising. He should get less focus by defenders in New Orleans because he will be alongside Michael Thomas, who may very well be the best WR in the NFL currently. I believe he will be a steady red zone threat going forward, as Bryant has a big frame. It for sure gives the Saints two lethal weapons in the red zone, and that’s not including Kamara who has been a top 5 back the last two seasons.

Dez Bryant is for sure worth picking up for your Fantasy Football roster, regardless who you have currently at WR. He’s a good bench stash at the very least, and has the potential to be a WR3 going forward.

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Dez Bryant. Past & Present | Fantasy Football Shorts
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