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Today I’m joined by one of the biggest stars – literally – in Major League Wrestling, Logan Creed! Tune in to find out more about his unique career path, working with MLW and more on today’s episode of Conversations With Love, including:

  • How he’s kept busy during the COVID pandemic
  • His early days in professional wrestling
  • Becoming a fan of NWA Wildside
  • His unique challenges breaking into the business
  • How he differentiates himself as a big man in wrestling
  • Working with Court Bauer
  • Austin Theory’s impact on his career
  • Initially signing with Major League Wrestling
  • MLW’s treatment of their fighters
  • The origin of his ring name
  • Working with the Dynasty
  • His role as Gutcruncher in the Dead By Midnight series

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Conversations With Love 87: A Conversation With Logan Creed

Court Bauer

SL: “You answered my next question for me, but even just seeing on the business side of things how hard Court Bauer works, I’ve never had the opportunity to speak to him personally but just as an outsider, dude, it’s cool as s**t to see the stuff you guys are doing. Whether it’s going down and doing the Super Series or even the stuff that’s gone on, y’know, since filming has ended and the stuff you guys are doing in the pandemic. You mention the TV deal, how does that feel to be part of an organization that really is the only one not really just surviving, but thriving at this point?”

LC: “That’s the word right there is thriving. We’re not all just sitting around waiting to see what happens, y’know, and I’m speaking for everyone, and I’m not even sure where everyone is, but I can see that they’re doing it. Everyone’s involved and pitching ideas and stuff to do. You can see it. It’s out there. And I’m in constant contact as well, and we’re working on stuff, and there’s stuff that’s going to be coming out soon that I’ll be involved with. It’s constant back-and-forth. If I’ve got an idea, I don’t hesitate to send it, because there’s not going to be a negative reaction. It’s never going to be a negative response.”

SL: “Well, yeah. Nobody can be mad at you for an idea.”

LC: “Right! Even out of a bad idea, it gets people’s thought process rolling. It’s brainstorming, and that’s what I love is that there is no bad idea. I haven’t had a bad idea yet. We just start building on it.”

His ring name

SL: “How cool is it for you, I heard you mention it again in that previous interview (with 411 Mania), even just getting the opportunity to be Logan Creed, how much does that mean to you?

LC: “It was awesome. That was the name that I came up with when I came back after the hiatus I took really early on in my career. That was kind of the gimmick I’d come up with during my time off, and I used to talk about, y’know, ‘if I ever wrestle, this is what I’m going to do.’ So, like, it was something I created when I wasn’t even wrestling, and it progressed as I came back into the Heathen, and then everything you see now, it’s grown into that. It’s always evolving, and that’s what’s fun about it is I don’t even know what it may be next. But, that’s the beauty of it, is that it can evolve and become something new.”

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Conversations With Love 87: A Conversation With Logan Creed

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