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Today I’m joined by a staple of the Albertan scene and one of the most entertaining wrestlers in the province, Barricade! It was a great time chatting with not only a hell of a pro wrestler but a long-time friend about his career inside the squared circle. Tune in for some laughs and a little bit more on one of Alberta’s most beloved wrestlers, including:

  • Getting involved in the production side of professional wrestling
  • How a volunteering gig with Shaw TV got him into the business
  • Growing up as a pro wrestling fan
  • His first memory of professional wrestling
  • Andre vs. Hogan
  • Training in a boxing ring
  • Reconnecting with wrestling at the Norwood Legion
  • The history behind a few of his previous gimmicks
  • Why he feels he resonates with fans
  • Turning heel for the first time
  • How the Albertan scene has changed
  • Working with Dean Richtor
  • How he differentiates himself on the RCW roster
  • Some of his most meaningful matches
  • A few of his dream opponents

Conversations With Love is proudly brought to you by Beercade YEG.

Conversations With Love 85: A Conversation With Barricade

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Conversations With Love 85: A Conversation With Barricade

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