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This week’s edition of CWL features the second appearance of “The Omen” Gabriel Lestat! In the year since his last appearance on the show, the Omen has truly seen it all, from travelling to Mexico to train with Konnan to sustaining an injury that’s kept him on the shelf for the better part of nine months. It’s all covered in the latest Conversations With Love, including thoughts on:

  • Passing the time during the COVID-19 pandemic
  • Sustaining a bicep injury while in Mexico
  • The mental toll of sustaining an injury in pro wrestling
  • His rumoured appearance for the Clandestine Society
  • What he thought of the infamous Dildo on a Pole match
  • How he ended up training in Mexico
  • Takeaways from his time training down south
  • Joining the Top Talent Wrestling Academy
  • The differences between his role and a traditional wrestling trainer

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Conversations With Love 62: A Conversation With “The Omen” Gabriel II

On his injury sustained in Mexico:

“Well, it was an incident that happened while I was in Mexico. It just happened out there. I actually ending up tearing my bicep, like I ended up tearing one of the tendons in my elbow joint, so my bicep was pretty well completely retracted. I knew something happened, I didn’t know to what extent, so I kind of had to rush back. It’s been – I had to come back to Canada because I’d rather get the surgery here because I’m not sure how the medical is over there. So I came here, got it done and slowly but surely have been kind of on the road to recovery, basically working each day to try to get back to where I was.”

A rumoured appearance at the Clandestine Society:

“See, here’s the thing: I was going to be on it, I was going to be wrestling on it…if my surgery would’ve been even a week later. I ended up getting the surgery scheduled for I think it was the day or two before, and so I’m like ‘oh, man, I’ve got to notify them that I can’t be on the show,’ but they knew what they were getting themselves into. (It was like) I was getting my MRI results, and we’ll see when they book me for surgery. If my surgery was afterwards, I would have been on the show.”

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