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You don’t want to miss tuning in to the 49th episode of Conversations With Love, as your host Spencer Love brings you an exclusive interview with ECCW Champion Artemis Spencer! Listen in as the two chat prior to Artie’s appearance in Edmonton for the Clandestine Society about his career thus far, including:

  • What inspired him to begin training
  • Going to his first independent wrestling show
  • Respecting the vets
  • Being influenced by many different styles of wrestling
  • Training under Michelle Starr
  • “Invisible wrestling”
  • His previous experiences wrestling in Edmonton
  • Wanting to put Canada on the map
  • The experience of the Clandestine Society
  • What it’s like to wrestle in British Columbia
  • Wrestling for PWG and DEFY Wrestling
  • Why he loves wrestling for ECCW
  • His goals in pro wrestling
  • If he would ever sign with a major company
  • His thoughts heading into his match with Michael Richard Blais and Brandon Van Danielson

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Conversations With Love 49: A Conversation With Artemis Spencer

Going to his first independent wrestling show:

“My very first indie show, actually, my brother bought me tickets to it and I was actually at our high school. I remember, like, losing my mind watching a wrestling show in the gym that I took (Physical Education) in. I thought that was just hilarious, and the first show was crazy. And I remember thinking even at like 13 when I was watching my first indie show, I’m like, ‘wow, this is so much fun, but it’s not nearly as good as the stuff on TV, but well, as a midget is amazing!’

What inspired him to step into the ring for the first time:

“You know, I kind of always talked about it, but I never really – the goal was never to make it. I’m always just like, ‘this is going to be so much fun, I want to train so bad,’ but I just wanted to be an indie wrestler, you know? I’d never had the desire to, like, leave my local indie town. Right. Like I never (was) like ‘I’m going to be WWE champion’ or anything like that. I’m just like, it would be so much fun to be an indie wrestler then. That’s what I wanted so badly.”

“I just remember being just so excited to be in those ropes, you know, just like to be in a ring. I just couldn’t stop smiling. Like, you know, they were supposed to sell moves and stuff like that, but I couldn’t stop smiling. I was just so happy to be in a wrestling ring. I remember like, having lots of different trainers in the beginning and you can tell who knew their stuff, and who was just kind of talking out of their ass. Right. But you know, you still gotta like pretend to respect the vets no matter what. You’ve gotta be critical – like, even when I was a kid, I was just like ‘be critical of some of this information, (because) people are saying contradictory things and I’ve got to find what works for me. Right? But like, you know, that’s for anything. Right?”

Wrestling for Pro Wrestling Guerilla and DEFY Wrestling:

“(BOLA) was so crazy. Like I said earlier, I never had any desire to be an indie wrestler out of like Vancouver, right? I was just happy to be an indie wrestler and I’ve just been like seeing PWG over the years. I’m like, that’d be so much fun to do that, but I’m never going to have a chance. I know because I’m stuck in Northwest Canada. Nobody’s ever going to notice me.”

“The biggest thing for me is DEFY Wrestling. When that opened up – when that opened up, I was actually injured. I was on the shelf. But when I was finally good enough to wrestle again and they let me on their show, man, that was a big change, you know. At that point, I was wrestling for 16 years and all of a sudden I’m wrestling all these big names, you know, and all of a sudden, my name’s getting out there and I’m on all these streaming sites and I’m starting to get noticed and I’m working all these people that I’ve looked up to and I’ve like studied and watch, and then we’d finish the match and they’re like, ‘Wow, you’re really good.’ And I’m like, Oh my God, I’m so happy! I never thought this would happen! And it’s been snowballing the last couple of years. It’s been snowballing. I feel like I’ve been getting my name out there and recently (with) PWG I was in the Battle of Los Angeles wrestling in front of that crowd. It was crazy.”

If he would sign with a major company:

“Honestly, I’m getting a little bit older and I’d definitely have to look at the contract. I wouldn’t just jump on anything. But honestly, if say WWE came with me with a contract, I’d probably say no. I’d probably have a closer chance to say yes if they asked me to do a trainer contract. I love teaching. I love teaching wrestling, you know, and I get as much of a thrill out of teaching wrestling as I do just wrestling in front of people.”

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Conversations With Love 49: A Conversation With Artemis Spencer

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