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Everybody loves a big return, so on this week’s episode of CWL, tune in for another exclusive interview with “The Golden Child” Kayla Jaye! Not only does she break her own record for most guest appearances on the WCSN, but she goes in-depth into the past few months of her wrestling career, including:

  • How she and Zoë Sager decided to join Force Pro Wrestling
  • Main-eventing her first show
  • The origins of The Golden Cartel
  • How wrestling Angelica and “The Vixen” Jade helped her develop as a babyface
  • Being one of the longest-tenured women in Albertan wrestling
  • Her dream intergender opponents
  • Working opposite Michael Richard Blais
  • Her favourite Taylor Swift songs of the country era and the pop era

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Conversations With Love 45: A Conversation With “The Golden Child” Kayla Jaye

On moving over to Force Pro Wrestling

“It’s kind of a bunch of funny stories that led to it I guess. I’d never met Tex Gaines before. I heard about him, cause you know, he’s been around for a long time. So, I’d heard about him, never met the guy. I can honestly say he’s been a dad to me the last two months since I’ve kind of come around and introduced myself and been around essentially. I do call him pops now. He is like a dad to me. So it’s really nice to have that, A. B, I’ve been friends with like MRB for a while, so for us to finally get to actually work together – I knew his game plan and his mindset and what he wanted to do, but I still didn’t believe him until it happened. Especially main-eventing with him, I really didn’t believe it happened until the match was over. It’s just so weird because the biggest reason that I even came here was because of Zoë Sager.”

“A few months ago, I think we both were feeling a little stuck and just not really feeling it, and her and I went for coffee and we hung out one night. And we were just talking and as you say, Spencer Love, “shooting the shit,” and she kinda was like, “we want to do this.”

“Force was not even in the picture yet. It honestly like was not even here yet. Nobody knew Force was coming back. This was way before that, and her and I both said as we were sitting in Tim Hortons, we said “we’re going to main-event a show in the next six months. We’re gonna main-event a show. We don’t know how we’re going to do it, but it’s going to happen.”

“I don’t know what kind of vibes we were putting out into the world that night – it was literally the night that North Edmonton went blackout, and I was like, maybe it was that! The forces were using all of the ‘whatever’ that night. But we said we want to main event. I have co-main-evented. But unless you go on last, you’re not main-eventing.”

The formation of the Golden Cartel:

“I think it was when they (Force Pro Wrestling management) said, ‘hey, this is what we want to do for the first show. We want to have you and Dylan tagging,’ and I said, ‘Oh my God. Heck yeah!’ I’ve been waiting for this for almost, well, two years. Thank goodness, because we’ve always been on the opposite end. We’ve always gone against each other. We have never worked together, ever. So when I found this out, I said, ‘heck yeah, it’s about goddamn time. It’s about time. Thank goodness.'”

“Honestly, him and I, we’re very, very close. We talk all the time. Dylan Stone booked me in my first ever singles match. So, you know, it was just about time.”

“Andriy and I met in RCW, obviously, people would put those two things together. We met in RCW and we became good friends and just like never ever worked together ever in RCW. Then, when he told me he was going to be wrestling in Force and training here and so on and so forth, they said ‘hey, we kind of want to put Andriy with you. How do you feel about that?’ I said hell yeah, because the guy works so hard.”

“I don’t think people realize that. Like, he comes up with ideas, he works hard. His injury did come at a really crappy time, and he hasn’t been able to actually put in that physical work, but he’s been putting in everything backstage where he’s saying, ‘hey Kayla, here, I saw this gold jacket. Do you think this would be something you’re interested in?’ It was his idea for the gold glasses (and) certain things like that. They kind of came up with different names and I told Dylan ‘can we add gold in there? Like, can we please have some gold in there?’ And Dylan’s like ‘ab-so-freaking-lutely.’ So, we came up with anything gold – Golden, Gold cartel, like, whatever we decide to go with that day, like the Golden Cartel. It was just built out of friendship I guess, and the fact that they said, ‘hey, would you guys want to work together?’ And it’s never going to be a note with those two for me.”

Her dream opponents for an intergender match:

“Well, I’ve been bugging, bugging people. I want to wrestle Jack Pride! Come on. There’s the history there, and I want to wrestle him. Mr. Dylan Stone – I mean, we could have a friendly! Just a friendly, like just for shits-and-giggles fun. Of course, those two, because we have so much history since like almost day one, both those boys, so for sure those two.

“Aiden Adams would be a good one. He’s also another day one boy, Aiden Adams. He’s been bugging me since the day I met him. Oh my gosh, there’s so many. Those are for sure, those three are like on the very, very top of my list right now.”

“Maybe I’ll make a list – like a Jericho’s list, but like a good list. Like the Thickness!! I would love to wrestle the Thickness. Oh my God. One day I would love to wrestle him. Make it happen.”

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Conversations With Love 45: A Conversation With Kayla Jaye

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