Conversations With Love 30 is LIVE!

This week’s exclusive interview is as can’t-miss as they get on the Canadian independent scene, as Spencer chats with the head promoter of Canadian Wrestling’s Elite, “Hotshot” Danny Duggan! Listen in to the duo’s wide-ranging conversation on everything and anything in professional wrestling, including:

  • The formation of Canadian Wrestling’s Elite
  • Why the CWE became a travelling promotion
  • The talent-sharing situation in Alberta
  • Why Jimmy Jacobs is one of the greatest people in wrestling
  • How he broke into pro wrestling at 12 years old
  • His opinion on the age to begin training
  • How he ended up in his first match
  • A few of his favourite matches
  • If WWE is still his end goal
  • Why he’s a professional wrestler, not a performance artist.

It’s only available on the WCSN, so tune in today!

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Conversations With Love 30: A Conversation With “Hotshot” Danny Duggan

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Conversations With Love 30: A Conversation With Danny Duggan

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