EDMONTON, AB: Two of Alberta’s top stars are set to face off for the first time in nearly three years.

This morning, Force Pro Wrestling announced the second matchup on the card for their upcoming event, the Return. On January 17th, Chris Perish will face off with Mr. Saturday Night himself, Dylon Stone.

The matchup joins the previously-announced Kayla Jaye/Michael Allen Richard Clark match on the card for the Return.

The tilt between Stone and Perish marks the first time the two have squared off under the Force Pro Wrestling banner. However, the two have an extended history together from their time in the Canadian Wrestling Coalition. In fact, Perish’s first defence of the CWC Heavyweight Championship was against Stone himself, with the two facing off for the title on July 29th, 2017 at CWC Aftermath. That evening saw Perish successfully defend his title, kickstarting a year-long reign with the championship.

However, in the three years since their last matchup, Stone’s stock across Alberta has risen dramatically. Over the past year, Stone has faced off with the likes of Matt Taven, Jack Pride and Michael Richard Blais in highly-regarded matches, raising him to the top of the province’s indie wrestling scene in the process. Conversely, Perish has mostly been inactive over the past six months, wrestling only at last month’s Clandestine Society show since losing his PPW Championship to Sydney Steele.

When asked for comment, that fact seemed to perturb Dylon Stone.

“I don’t need to show up, Force is the one who needs me.” Stone remarked. “Chris Perish is coming back to the big time and wants to make a name for himself, so he picks a fight with the biggest name in all of Force Pro Wrestling.”

“But Perish,” continued Stone, “you gotta pay to play, and you can’t afford the high stakes that Dylon Stone plays for.”

Tickets for Force Pro Wrestling: The Return are currently available through any of the promotion’s roster members or staff. Additional tickets will soon be available on the promotion’s Diyobo site.

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