EDMONTON, AB: Just when you think it’s over, Saturday’s Clusterf**k just keeps getting bigger and bigger.

This afternoon, the Clandestine Society announced a final quintet of combatants in the promotion’s “This Is Not a Clusterfuck…This Is Just a Tribute” Battle Royal. The match is scheduled to take place at Saturday’s inaugural event for the promotion, Clandestine Society Act 1.

Joining the fray for Saturday’s Clusterfuck are:

  • Kato, not only one of the longest-tenured veterans of the Albertan wrestling scene but one of the most dangerous
  • Saraya Sawyer, who will be making her return to the ring after nearly a year following an unfortunate leg injury. Prior to her injury, Sawyer was one of the top women in Albertan pro wrestling.
  • Shotgun Sydney, making his in-ring debut after years of refereeing.
  • Dr Kyoto, the manager of the Millennial Rebels and one of Alberta wrestling’s most respected personalities.

As previously mentioned, the Clusterf**k will not only be hosted on one of the most unique events in Albertan wrestling history but will also feature a number of unique rules and stipulations unlike anything previously seen in a battle royal format. For example, unlike a traditional over-the-top battle royal in which contestants are eliminated by being thrown over the ring’s top rope, eliminations in the Clusterf**k will only count as a result of pinfall, submission, or forfeiture. Additionally, rather than utilize a 60-second timer for new entrants, participants in the Clusterfuck can enter the ring at any point they see fit.

Currently, the following are confirmed for Saturday’s Clusterfuck.

  • “The Thickness” Reid Matthews
  • The Canadian Goose
  • “Spaceman” Beri Grayson
  • Kylie Morgan
  • “The Golden Child” Kayla Jaye
  • “Kid Chocolate” Mo Jabari
  • Andriy the Giant
  • Taryn from Accounting
  • Ava Lawless
  • Baby Teve
  • Richie Rage
  • Kato
  • Saraya Sawyer
  • Shotgun Sydney
  • Dr Kyoto

Stay tuned to the WCSN for more information on the Clandestine Society in anticipation of Saturday’s inaugural event.

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