EDMONTON, AB: A shocking turn of events took place tonight at the Alberta Avenue Hall during tonight’s scheduled Monster Pro Wrestling event. Not only did fans see two changes of the Heavyweight Title, but the shocking breakup of a year-long friendship.

In Saturday’s Main Event, Lumberjack Larry Woods defeated the Headline Shaun Martens in a Lumberjack Match to capture the MPW Heavyweight Title, ending Martens’ 11-month title reign.

The crowd erupted with joy as the bell sounded, and the locker room came into the ring to celebrate the win. After the MPW roster paid their respects to the new champion, they left ringside, leaving Woods and his tag team partner Danger Zone Mitch Clarke to celebrate with the fans.

What happened next shocked the crowd, to say the least.

Following a hug, Clarke kicked Woods in the groin, sending the Champion crumbling in a heap. The crowd was stunned. Clarke followed up this with a stiff neckbreaker on a prone Woods.

With Woods seemingly unconscious, Clarke went outside and grabbed a steel chair from under the ring. By this point fans were throwing whatever piles of garbage they could into the ring. Undeterred, Clarke cracked Woods in the head with the chair.

Commissioner Jimmi Zero came into the ring absolutely dumbfounded. Clarke grabbed the mic from Zero, and declared that he was tired of carrying Larry for the last year. He is cashing in his Leo Burke Cup title shot immediately.

With the Irishman setting the precedent in 2016, Zero had no choice, and rang the bell to start the match. Clarke applied his modified sharpshooter/armlock on an unconscious Woods, who could not respond to the referee for the submission, to the capacity crowd’s shock.

Mitch Clarke is your new MPW Heavyweight Champion.

For a complete rundown of Saturday’s card, check out the WCSN later this week for details.

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