EDMONTON, AB – In yet another move that’s changed the game in Alberta wrestling, Chris Perish is set to make his official Real Canadian Wrestling debut at February 9th’s Crucial Impact event.

Perish joins RCW as one of the top names in independent wrestling today. The tagSTRUGGLE member has held championships in nearly every promotion he’s appeared in, including a record-setting stint as CWC Champion. Additionally, Perish has ranked in the PWI 500 for the past six years.

When asked for comment on what to expect on Saturday, Perish was coy, simply saying “go to the show to find out.” According to a release from Real Canadian Wrestling, Perish will be handed a live microphone and allowed to speak his mind.

The move isn’t entirely unexpected following an explosive appearance during last month’s “Alberta Indy Dream March” between Michael Richard Blais and Pride in Radway, Alberta. In fact, a match between Perish and the aforementioned Pride was set to take place on February 23rd in Bruderheim, which is still scheduled at the time of this release.

The move also lays the groundwork for a potential return of tagSTRUGGLE following the debut of Meniac at last month’s New Year’s Rampage. While the team has never split, tagSTRUGGLE only appeared in tag team action once in 2018; now, this move opens the door for one of the most wildly successful tag teams in the Albertan independent scene to officially reunite in-ring. More information on the future of tagSTRUGGLE can be heard on this week’s upcoming edition of Sounds of Struggle, hosted by Perish and Meniac themselves.

What’s Chris Perish got on his mind? As one of the most outspoken wrestlers in the Albertan wrestling scene, one thing is for certain – nothing will be held back on Saturday.

Tickets for Crucial Impact featuring the debut of Chris Perish can be purchased in advance from any RCW roster member, or at the box office on Saturday evening.

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BREAKING: Chris Perish to Debut for Real Canadian Wrestling
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