EDMONTON, AB: If the anticipation wasn’t already sky-high for the return of Force Pro Wrestling, then the promotion’s latest announcement should certainly pique your interest.

Earlier today, FPW confirmed the first match of their return event, Force Pro Wrestling: The Prelude. On October 18th, fans in attendance will be treated to the first-ever matchup between “God’s Gift to Wrestling” Michael Richard Blais and Dylon Stone. The tilt is expected to kick off The Prelude, which will mark the first match for the promotion in over a year-and-a-half.

“For 16 years I’ve been wrestling all over, but my home base has always been Alberta,” commented Blais to the WCSN. “There has never been a partnership between two companies here. October 18th that changes and that is extremely exciting. A moment so important deserves only the very best and there is no better way than a match between two of the best wrestlers in not just Alberta but all of Canada for the first time ever. I promise it won’t disappoint…because I’m God’s Gift to Westling and I. DO. NOT. DISAPPOINT!”

“I’m Dylon Stone, I go wherever I want…. and do WHATEVER I want,” Stone responded.

The matchup between Blais and Stone is one that many Albertan wrestling fans have anticipated for quite some time. Over their nearly 30 combined years in-the-ring, the duo have each solidified themselves as two of the top talents in not only the province but Western Canada. Stone, the current CWC Alberta Champion, has stood out in the Albertan wrestling scene over the past 12 months, with classic matches involving the likes of Ring of Honor Champion Matt Taven and Jack Pride standing out at the top of nearly any year-end Match of the Year lists across the province. Blais’ accolades almost go without saying at this point; as one of the most recognizable talents across the country, many hold the man known as God’s Gift to Wrestling as the standard-bearer of Canada’s wrestling scene.

Though the two have never faced off before, it’s difficult not to expect greatness. Though Blais is one of the countries’ top high-flyers, Stone’s formidable amateur wrestling skill will certainly come into play on Saturday evening. Will Mr Saturday Night be able to ground God’s Gift to Wrestling? Or will MRB retain his title as Alberta’s top guy? There’s only one way to find out: pick up tickets for Force Pro Wrestling: The Prelude!

Ticketing Information:
General Admission

6 & under: FREE

Under 18: $10 ($15 @ the door)

Adults: $15 ($20 @ the door)

For tickets call: 587-920-4119 or email sale@forceprowrestling.com.

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