EDMONTON, AB: Force Pro Wrestling has always advertised bringing unique matchups to the Albertan wrestling community, and the promotion just keeps delivering.

We can confirm that at Force Pro Wrestling: The ReturnMichael Richard Blais will face off with Davey O’Doyle. Not only is it the first time the two have squared off in singles action in Alberta, but the first time the two have met inside the ring at all in over two years.

“This year’s fee for me to collect is respect,” O’Doyle stated emphatically to the WCSN. “No matter how much I achieve outside of Alberta or even in a tag team in Alberta, the clueless fans in Alberta continue to disrespect me.”

“At Force Pro Wrestling: The Return, I beat Michael Richard Blais and use him as the stepping stone to collect the respect I deserve.”

There’s no doubt that Blais represents the apex of Alberta’s current pro wrestling scene. Over the years, MRB has taken on both Albertan and world-renowned stars like Samoa Joe, Cody Rhodes, Artemis Spencer and more. Though his alliance with Brandon Van Danielson as the Western Lions has earned him rave reviews for his duos work, Blais is first and foremost known as the province’s top singles star.

Conversely, at least in Alberta, O’Doyle has primarily plied his trade as a tag team specialist. As a founding member of The League, O’Doyle – alongside his partner Brayden Parsons and manager Kylie Morgan – has captured multiple tag team championships throughout his run with the Prairie Wrestling Alliance. However, though Albertan wrestling fans may be more familiar with his tag-team work, O’Doyle is a decorated singles star in his own right. He’s the longest-reigning HIW Internet Champion of all-time and was the winner of the inaugural Lethal Lottery tournament as part of Prairie Pro Wrestling first-ever series of shows. Now, he’ll get to showcase his talents against one of the countries top stars.

Tickets for Force Pro Wrestling: The Return are currently available through any of the promotion’s roster members or staff. Additional tickets will soon be available on the promotion’s Diyobo site.

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