Facebook memories can be a pain. I like many others do not like yearly reminders of when my pet fish Aquasmurf died but today my memory brought a smile to my face! A year ago today I made the following comment on a post I shared to my timeline, “Y’all know I’m not really a soccer a guy but the three or four FC Edmonton games I’ve attended I thoroughly enjoyed cause of the supporters groups (chants and stuff). Come payday I’m putting down my deposit to save soccer in Edmonton, please think about doing the same.”

The original post was by “Edmonton for Canadian Premier League“:


This is it everyone! It’s time to officially confirm your support for #Yeg4CPL by putting down a $40 commitment to CPL soccer in Edmonton! You can use this deposit in the future if the investing group green lights the team to get preferential seating when choosing season tickets.

We need you now more than ever. If you’re going to do just one thing with us, this is it. Your deposit will make the difference in pro soccer returning to Edmonton.

Go! Tell your friends! Tell your coworkers! This is a call to arms!

Yesterday, Win Column Sports and media outlets everywhere released their respective story on the home opener finally being announced for FC Edmonton. We called our story “You Now Have Plans For May 12th“. It is hard to believe it was a year ago, the soccer fans of Edmonton were literally fighting to bring back their Eddies.

Last August, two months after FC Edmonton officially joined the Canadian Premier League, I spoke to FC Edmonton super fans Nathan Terlesky and Adam Huber (check out their  Loyal Company of the River Valley Podcast.) I asked Nathan and Adam questions which all target the issue of drawing more fans into Clarke Stadium and put the video on YouTube. You know why? Because the excitement of soccer needs to be seen and heard! Let’s watch that video again:

Check out FC Edmonton website. Get stoked, get tickets. See you May 12th!

A Reminder Of How Far FC Edmonton Has Come

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