The Mock Draft

The mock draft is certainly one of the most under-appreciated and underutilized tools when it comes to fantasy hockey if not all fantasy sports.  Whether you happen to be a fantasy hockey rookie or a seasoned veteran, the mock draft can be incredibly useful. It’s not too late to take part in mock drafts either, with the pre-season well on its way, plenty of players are seeing upticks as well as downturns in their respective values. These ongoing changes can very well change the outcomes of fantasy hockey drafts.

As a user of the mock draft, you can deploy just about any type of strategy you please without any repercussions. The options are endless regarding the usage of the mock draft. The key to a successful season of fantasy hockey is preparation, a strong draft will always result in a strong finish. I wish everyone the best of luck (unless you’re in my respective leagues) in fantasy hockey this year!

2018-19 NHL Fantasy Mock Draft Special

Carl and I are joined by a collection of listeners as we do a fantasy hockey draft to show you some of the things to look for heading into your own drafts. Who are the first defensemen and goalies being drafted? Who are late round sleepers to watch out for? We also talk about potential draft strategies. What positions are best to draft at what part of the draft? How do you best let the picks of your league mates affect your own picks? Our results from the draft are as followed:


Ben's Mock Draft
Carl's Mock Draft

The 4th Line’s official fantasy league will be drafting Sunday, September 30th at 8 pm ET. If you’re interested in being in the 4th Line Fantasy Hockey Podcast league, DM or email us why we should select you. Make us laugh, impress us, make us feel things. Anything can get you in the league!


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2018-19 NHL Fantasy Mock Draft Special
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